A biting physician at the annafest

A biting physician at the annafest

The 50-year-old man with a doctorate would have preferred to exclude the public, but his lawyer bernhard eckert withdrew this motion that had been made in advance. There was also nothing honorable in what the man had to report. He had been alone at the annafest last july, looking for a place to sit, and finally got together with a 46-year-old woman who had the same wish. They eventually found him among like-minded strangers, sat down and engaged each other in conversation.
About what happened next, they both sounded very different. The man, who actually wanted to meet colleagues and go on vacation the next day, had, as he said, only wanted to be nice, talked a lot about himself and about the fact that the people sitting at the table were not quite his level.

Possessive behavior

The woman, on the other hand, found him to be downright scary over time. "He was not pushy", she said in her testimony "but in the conversation i already noticed that he had something else in mind". He had a possessive attitude and tried to keep her away from the other people at the table.
"Then the conversation on his part became more and more intense and demanding", so that she finally turned her back to him to show him that she did not value his further company. The woman had had bad experiences with men "I just wanted to go home and took advantage of the opportunity when he was in the toilet". But as she was about to leave, she saw the man standing in the doorway opposite her. "I felt a little queasy."
Finally, "a young man" offered her a drink – the later victim – to talk to her suddenly so threatening companion that he must leave her alone. This man, a 39-year-old married forester, was beyond suspicion of wanting anything from the woman, so she agreed. The next thing she saw was her unwanted companion and her helper, seemingly arm in arm and on the best of terms. "It looked like they wanted to say goodbye", according to the woman.

Desperate defense

In reality, however, the intimate embrace was a desperate defensive posture: her helper wanted to hold the other man, which the latter presented as a self-defense situation – and, since his arms were not free, bit the forester's cheek.
In this situation, everyone was more or less drunk: the police later determined that the woman had a blood alcohol level of 1.3, the defendant about two, and the victim only slightly less. What was fatal, however, was that the injured party had to wait about four weeks before it became clear that the bite had not been without permanent damage, that he had not contracted aids or some other disease.
It was this sword of damocles that did not justify the payment of damages to the victim, but it did push it up. He still has scars from the bite, which were apparently clearly visible, but not to the defendant and his defense attorney. The woman nevertheless felt guilty: "I was embarrassed because I felt it happened because of me."
The "biter, a health scientist by profession (a profession that really exists, that can even be studied), was diametrically opposed in his testimony to what the victim testified. He had claimed that he had been defenseless because of the embrace, but the injured party corrected: "the attack came completely abruptly. The accused bent over and I thought he was going to tell me something – but then he bit me."
"The evidence is clear, found magistrate kuhn. "A lot of things went very wrong", said the defendant in his closing remarks.
The result was that both wanted to limit themselves to the legal consequences, i.E. A verdict on the amount of the penalty order.
So there was a settlement, divided into a civil and a criminal part, whereby the defendant agreed to pay the injured party "as a credit against his claim for pain and suffering" to pay 1000 euros. Bernd kuhn was awarded a further bonus, because the hitherto unpunished schadiger has to pay another 1,800 euros for intentional bodily harm, although the district judge's verdict was another 300 euros less than the amount demanded by the plaintiff.

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