Alexander fehn now leads the fire department

Alexander fehn is the new chairman of the windheim volunteer fire department. He replaced klaus volk, who did not run again for personal reasons.

Volk had reported at the beginning about the activities in the past year. Among other things, he mentioned the holding of st. Florian’s day and the renovation and reconstruction work on the fire station. Volk looked back to 2016, when he had taken over the chairmanship of the association. At that time, the most important task was to get a functioning active fire brigade off the ground. This is the result of many individual discussions and ultimately the merit of all active firefighters and a leadership team that performs outstanding volunteer work.

Commander dominik loffler first informed that the active fire brigade currently consists of 26 persons, among them four women. The fire brigade has four group leaders and five machinists. A total of 17 operations were carried out and ten safety watches were held. In a total of six cases, technical assistance was required, namely for the removal of several trees on the roads to kehlbach and hirschfeld, for the illumination of the sports field due to a helicopter landing, for the removal of a fire that had broken out in the dr.-the fire brigade had to deal with a branch falling onto the road and a car, and with a branch lying on the power line in the main road.

The 18 training sessions were attended by an average of nine members. The long training evening, which lasted over six hours, was particularly noteworthy. Jochen dietrich has the apprenticeship "geratewart" and "leader of a fire brigade successfully completed. Socializing was cultivated with a hike and a community evening.

With regard to the new protective clothing, the commander informed that the procurement should be completed by mid-2021.

The commander particularly emphasized the 20 laborers involved in the installation of the kitchen and the heating system. 16 people had worked a total of 350 volunteer hours.

What the fire brigade is up to

The commander also gave an outlook on planned activities. On 31. July the inspection of the fire department windheim will take place. At the achievement examination THL one wants to participate together with the comrades from steinbach am wald and hirschfeld. The modular troop training is to be brought to a conclusion. Also training courses on the district level were visited, namely the motor car basic course with five persons, the motor car advanced course with six and the one for respiratory protection with three persons. The renovation work on the geratehaus had to be completed.

Youth warden uli loffler informed that felix froba and philipp erhardt had joined the youth fire department at the beginning of the year. Jonas loffler has changed to the active fire brigade due to his age. The youth fire department therefore continues to consist of seven people, including one girl, laura wittmann. The young people took part in the community challenge, the training day and the training with the rescue service. Jonas loffler and johannes froba took part in the district performance march with their colleagues from the steinbach fire department and achieved the german youth performance medal there. Together with nils bar they took part in the knowledge test, which they all passed successfully.

Alexander fehn was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the windheim fire department. Niklas trebes, whom fehn already has in mind as his successor, was appointed by the assembly as the new assessor for the retiring timo loffler.

Mayor thomas loffler praised the "great work of the windheim fire department in the past year".

District fire chief harald meyer saw the "ship fire department back in calm waters after periods in which active service was in jeopardy. This is also a merit of klaus volk, who has done his job with a lot of heart and soul, he says.

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