An almost forgotten, ancient method of preserving vegetables

Salting is an almost forgotten, ancient preservation of vegetables. The finished product is the basis for hearty soups and dishes. Since salt preserves well, the product will keep for at least a year.

And this is how it is done: the ingredients are 250 grams each of leeks, yellow turnips, celery (also with leaves), parsnips and root parsley (including leaves) for each type of vegetable. Wash, clean and peel the vegetables and cut them into large pieces. The whole is then minced in a meat grinder or cake machine not too fine. Then 250 grams of high-quality salt is added. Fine sea salt is best. With normal salt the taste is later too intensive. Then everything is put into a bowl, stirred well and left to infuse for about an hour. The salted jelly is stored in a dark, cool place in jars that must be sterilized before filling. But a jar that has been opened must be put in the refrigerator, explains brigitte zientek.

Substitute for soup cubes

"When cooking, the high salt content should always be taken into account. Here it is necessary to respect the dosage, otherwise the food can be quickly oversalted. Purchased soup cubes become superfluous when using the own salt mixture. In my case, the tastiest foods such as fat and sugar are omitted. Since i know what’s in my salzgemuse, i especially appreciate it. My salt vegetables are also gladly accepted as a gift. Due to the high concentration of salt, the vegetables do not spoil quickly and can last up to two years" according to brigitte zientek, who made 17 jars of salt jam with her son sebastian.

In the past, when there were no freezers, salting vegetables was a well-known way of preserving them. She, brigitte zientek, would like to see this time-honored method used more often in cakes again. This also serves the health. Even leftover vegetables can be salted down. "My salted vegetables go into every soup or sauce at home and are used to season minced meat, roasts and ragout", says the imaginative housewife.

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