Ana and pietro elenore have been married for 50 years

Ana and pietro elenore have been married for 50 years

The city of herzogenaurach has not only been an international center for the last few years, but the more than 50-year history of the "guest workers" in germany, this is also reflected in herzogenaurach: since the time when the schaeffler company started recruiting workers from european countries.

Most former employees from abroad have also remained in retirement age. This is also the case for the italian pietro elenore and the spanish ana, who met 52 years ago at scha effler and are now celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in herzogenaurach.

The couple has always remained loyal to the company scha effler. Pietro eleonore worked at schaeffler for 38 years and his wife ana was employed by the company for 40 years.

Family luck

The elenores’ marriage produced three children and the couple is particularly happy about their two grandchildren. The family will celebrate their wedding anniversary on saturday with relatives and friends.

The wedding day on thursday was not missed by second mayor renate schroff, who congratulated the happy couple ana and pietro elenore in person and on behalf of the city.

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