Analysts distrust apple: share briefly falls below 400 dollars

analysts distrust apple: share briefly falls below 400 dollars

Since the record high of 705.07 dollars in september last year, the value of the share has fallen by more than 40 percent.

Negative comments from analysts are the reason for the recent drop in the share price. So wrote the US investment bank jefferies in a study, retailer and mobile operator saben on a twice as high stock of iphones as normal. This indicates that apple is selling fewer cell phones than expected. As a result, jefferies lowered its price target from 420 to 405 dollars.

An analyst from global equities also expressed skepticism. The recent slide in the share price has had an impact on employee morale. Recruiters saw more and more apple employees applying for jobs at google, linkedin, facebook "and even hewlett-packard. HP suffers from drop in PC sales and is in the midst of a massive rebuild.

After briefly plunging to $398.05, apple shares were down 3 percent at the close in new york at just over $402. Thus, the californian company was one of the weakest stocks in the technology-heavy stock index nasdaq 100.

Time and again, worries boil up that company boss tim cook has not succeeded in continuing to bring innovative products to market. There has been a lot of speculation about a watch and a TV, but nothing has happened so far. In addition, iphone sales are suffering from fiercer competition. Many customers now prefer samsung’s galaxy smartphones, which run on the android operating system.

The market research firm gartner predicted on monday that the number of devices shipped with apples operating systems ios and macos will increase from approximately 213,000 last year to more than 296,000 this year. However, a good part of these devices are ipad mini, on which apple earns less than on a rough ipad or on an iphone. Apple is also rumored to be working on an entry-level iphone in order not to leave the market of cheaper smartphones to android competitors.

Apple is still the world’s most valuable technology company with a total of around 380 billion dollars. Google, however, has closed the gap to around 90 billion dollars, and microsoft has also been able to close the gap. The title of the most valuable listed company has been taken by the oil company exxonmobil.

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