The last stalks have fallen

The last stalks have fallen

The numerous walkers were somewhat surprised when the champagne corks popped on the plateau near rathsberg. With the term "fall", the one that was celebrated there, they could do nothing at all.
In recent days, karl-heinz hertlein, a farmer from oberlindach, has been going round and round with his combine harvester on the highest point of the municipality of marloffstein. It took four days and many a half night to thresh around 48 hectares of wheat. Now comes the term "downfall not only the walkers were not familiar with the term, but also the younger generations are mostly unfamiliar with it.
In the working year of the people in the villages, the harvest has always been one of the most important periods. In the past, a good grain harvest not only determined the prosperity of the farmers, but also whether the poorer inhabitants and the livestock could be adequately supplied. Often, adverse weather conditions prevented a good harvest and often caused serious losses. In the past, the farmers were all the more grateful when the grain harvest was brought in and the village community did not have to suffer any hardship in this respect.
In pre-christian times, our ancestors believed in the spirits of fertility and vegetation in the form of an animal. Especially the rooster was believed to have the power to influence the harvest. According to old traditions, the rooster hid under the last sheaf of grain during the harvest to gather new strength for the coming vegetation year. This last sheaf was decorated with colorful banners, certainly the origin of the need to wind a harvest crown, which is decorated to this day with colorful banners and grain ears.
But not only the end of the grain harvest was celebrated, with craftsmen there was after completion of the work or completion a festive communal meal, which was often also associated with a sum of money. With the feast on the farm was finally refueled again strength, because the brought in grain had to be threshed yet. On coarse farms, which grew a lot of cereals, threshing often took many days, even weeks, and often paid to work already in winter.
Neighbors often helped each other out with the threshing, or day laborers in special threshing crews hired themselves out for this work. Often it was also masons who could not work in winter. But also small farmers, who had another occupation besides a small farm, came to thresh for two or three hours before starting work.
On the last day of the harvest, the farmers’ family gathered with the maids and farmhands to celebrate the "fall" the last sheaf. Karl-heinz hertlein reminded us of this age-old custom on the hohenrucken between rathsberg and marloffstein. After the last ears disappeared in the combine harvester of the oberlindach farmer, the harvest year was also over for him. "Tomorrow already begins the harvest for the year 2013", declared hertlein, the rapeseed is sown.
Hertlein wanted to revive an old tradition and to celebrate the fall of the wheat, because the harvest went (almost) without a hitch, except for a broken drive chain or a flat tire. "We had a slightly below-average harvest this year, in may we feared worse, but the grains have a good "coarse", heard hardlein. May and june were mainly too dry, and now the drought is especially hard on the corn, as could be easily seen from the fist-wide cracks in the wheat field.
Nevertheless, on the hohenrucken, from which one can see far into french switzerland and as far as nurnberg, the entire hertlein family, the helpers, as well as relatives and acquaintances, gathered to toast the satisfactory harvest. There was of course not only champagne, the agricultural trainees were busy at the grill and put sausages and steaks on the grate. The women had brought a lot of homemade salad and even sub dishes and the group loved to eat and drink with the best view.

Investor singer prevails against new stada owners

investor singer prevails against new stada owners

For bain and cinven to access the mdax group’s cash and complete the roughly 5.3 billion euro takeover, they need additional voting rights. Now they comply with singer’s demand, who had asked for a hefty cash settlement for his approval.

The two financial investors announced on sunday evening that they want to pay the remaining stada shareholders, including singer, a compensation of 74.40 euros per share for the conclusion of a control and profit transfer agreement. Singer and his hedge fund elliott jungst had demanded this amount. In their takeover bid for stada, the new owners had offered only 66.25 euros per share.

Laughter allowed – despite everything

Laughter allowed - despite everything

Who is still in the mood for jokes despite the seriousness of the situation?? A goal that still laughs! The exception: at astor. The word acrobat from the north of munich opened the second series of events on the bohmerwiese on wednesday evening, joking his way through the ratoromanic family of languages, lurking for gestures in the audience, in order to cut a spontaneous joke. That succeeded from the first point there, already the first joy tears rolled down the cheeks. These locks closed only minutes later, the sky gates however were well-disposed to the approximately 200 visitors.

200 visitors? The corona-uncertainty is traceable at every corner, on the whole festival area of the gartner family bohmer with all the specifications of a sophisticated hygiene concept, at the organizer, at the artist and at the visitors behind their masks. While willy astor's wordplay attracted almost 800 visitors to the lake stage in bad staffelstein almost a year ago, the crowds in bamberg remained modest. What also applies to the cash crash. The two weeks of the event will not yield much profit. But gay heyder from veranstaltungsservice bamberg doesn't want to take stock yet. "Let's see what will come until sunday."

Hesse’s constitutional protection agency intensifies checks on right-wing extremists

Hesse's constitutional protection agency intensifies checks on right-wing extremists

Hesse’s constitutional protection officers will in future look more closely at people with extremist pasts before their data has to be deleted for legal reasons. This was announced by interior minister peter beuth (CDU) in wiesbaden.

A new group of evaluators has been set up at the state constitutional protection agency for this task, a ministry spokesman said on monday. Beuth had said in an interview with the "welt am sonntag": "anyone with an extremist past who is now considered reintegrated will be checked again."

Congratulations! 50 years together through life

Thekla and manfred schnauder celebrated on 22. June in kaltensondheim golden wedding anniversary. The jubilarian was born in 1937, his parents came from erlach and prichsenstadt. After attending elementary school, he became an electrician and worked for the french utility company fuw.

His wife was born thekla huber in weibenburg in 1938 and became a nurse after finishing elementary and high school, most recently in ochsenfurt.

New security measures during annafest: pioneering kellerwald ideas?

New security measures during annafest: pioneering kellerwald ideas?

For the annafest visitors on the lower cellars they are not to be overlooked: the high hanging signs "stand" and "go" and metal balls should guide festival visitors in the right direction. A few days before the start of the festival they were installed in front of the winterbauer cellar. The city’s public order department is testing new security measures this year. Some city councillors did not like the short term erection of fences and poles. But how have the controversial mabnahme preserved in the annafest turmoil?

No complaints so far

When it gets crowded in front of the winterbauer podium in the evening, the "through traffic" is on the move in fact, the 1.20 meter wide path between the music tribune and the bugels continues to be flussig. Security service employees check that everyone complies with the rules. "So far there have been no problems", a security man explains. Matthias mub, landlord of the winterbauer-keller, confirms: "the barriers worked well. There have been no restrictions as a result." So far neither guests nor employees of the security service had complained about the poles.

Increased number of telephone scams in lower franconia

Increased number of telephone scams in Lower Franconia

Last weekend, a man from aschaffenburg was the victim of a telephone scam. After his phone rang repeatedly, he picked up the horer and was euphorically told at the other end of the line by a man ("herr mann") to win 38.750 euros wanted. In order to get the amount paid out, the aschaffenburg resident was to pay a fee of 900 euros using the "paysafe" payment system pay. The bona fide victim complied with the demand, now he was even given a profit of 83%.000 euro in prospect. An unidentified caller who addressed herself as "mrs. Fuchs" did not want to go into detail asked for a transfer in the amount of 4 million euros.700 euro by western union. The victim suspected fraud, hung up and informed the police.

Telephone fraud in bad kissingen

Fighting instead of ceasefire in syria

Fighting instead of ceasefire in syria

In the evening a car bomb exploded in damascus. There have been deaths and injuries. Army and rebels blamed each other for the new violence. According to opposition sources, more than 50 people were killed in army attacks. Across the country, there are said to have been more than 100 violations of the ceasefire instituted by international syria mediator lakhdar brahimi.

The first fights broke out according to the opposition in the morning in the province of idlib. Among others, supporters of the al-nusra front are said to have tried to storm a military base there. Islamists close to the al-qaida terrorist network had already announced several days ago that a cease-fire agreed with the government did not apply to them.

“Work done with heart and soul”

After the service, erwin wolfrum gave a historical review of the kindergarten and diaconal association, while doris luthner reported on the work of the "garten eden" daycare center informed and regina strossenreuther reported from the work of the diakoniestation bad berneck. Helga engelhardt spoke about the seniors' circle.

"There was also gossip"

The recollections of pastor gerhard welz were also remarkable: "at the beginning, it was controversial that we build a nursery. I also received anonymous letters from political bigwigs close to me, accusing me of throwing money away. In the end, a certain group in the village wanted to do it themselves, and that's why there was a bit of a row. My name don camillo also comes from that time, because we had once made a monday-demonstration in front of the city hall for the hortbau. We fought for the facility because we already had the kindergarten. But we parted on good terms."

Search for bonn bomber also in right-wing scene

Search for Bonn bomber also in right-wing scene

She therefore called in the new defense center against right-wing extremism. But a non-political motive is also conceivable. Officially, the investigators have so far assumed that a terrorist organization of radical islamist persuasion attempted to carry out an attack.

The "suddeutsche zeitung" (saturday) had also reported that the perpetrators could also have a right-wing extremist background or come from the criminal milieu.