Bernd stoth is mayoral candidate

Bernd stoth is mayoral candidate

The CSU local association not only elected its chairman at a meeting on monday, but also voted on its mayoral candidate. Rene gerner and bernd stoth were the candidates for election. The meeting had been awaited with great anticipation for some time – the hall was accordingly well attended.

The evening was chaired by thomas knuttel, who after burying the members gave a short review of the events of the past weeks. Mayor peter hart informed about past as well as upcoming projects of the municipality.

Detlev heim from the federal electoral district office explained the procedure and the rules of the election and then also carried it out. Before the members could cast their votes, however, both candidates, rene gerner and bernd stoth, had another opportunity to introduce themselves and express their concerns and visions. In the election bernd stoth received the majority of the votes and was nominated as candidate of the CSU local association.

Also new local chairman

He accepted the election and thanked for the confidence shown in him. In the subsequent election of the local chairman, there was only one candidate, bernd stoth. He received 95 percent approval from the members present. Bernd stoth called on the local association to be united in the upcoming local elections.

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