Boredom on bub- und bettag is not an issue in kulmbach

Since the bub- und bettag is no longer a legal holiday, many parents have a problem, because their children are free from school. Although more and more daycare and after-school care facilities are open on this day, there are still many people in kulmbach who are dependent on an additional care service.

For these boys and girls, the district youth council came up with a concept years ago: the "wichtelwerkstatt".

45 children between the ages of six and twelve were once again able to enjoy themselves yesterday in the rooms of the parish hall st. Hedwig let off steam, made beautiful decorative objects or baked delicious butter squares. Five youth workers from the "kreisjugendring" and four permanent staff members from the youth center "alte spinnerei" provided for fun, games and smooth running of the event.

"We are happy that we were able to carry out our action in the parish hall", said alexandra schmelz from the district youth work department. After the youth center had to move from the old spinning mill to the new premises in the kulmbach train station, there was no longer any room there for coarser activities. "We depend on schools, churches and the awo to open their doors to us and are very grateful that there is always an open ear for us", alexandra schmelz explained.

Snowflakes from ice cream sticks

The rooms in st. Hedwig was a good choice for this activity. In the interior, various handicraft stations were prepared, where the children could, among other things, turn hubsche pine cones into christmas trees, make smokehouses out of old sap bars or make glittery snowflakes out of ice cream sticks.

Matteo, greta and yannick from melkendorf school were eager to make a subes lantern, and even though matteo prefers to play soccer, he enjoyed the activity, revealed greta. "I especially like to bake", revealed greta and could hardly wait, because all the children were also allowed to do some christmas baking in the kuche. "It smells so good", all of them swarmed, and we can reveal: it tasted good too.

"I like all the places"

This was also the opinion of romy, lukas and isi, who rolled out dough and cut out small squares with molds. "I like jam squares best of all", said seven-year-old lukas "and i like all the cookies", said greta.

Emily, anne and ann-katrin thought santa claus day was cool. "Here you can do so many different things, you don't have to stay at home", anne, a student at the CVG, said.

Sports in the yard

This was also the opinion of ten-year-old emily, who was making a gift for her friend. "I like to go to school, but this is also great, better than being bored at home."

In addition to the handicrafts, there were sports activities in the courtyard in front of the parish hall, where children could play with balls and juggling items, play games in a quiet corner, and watch a christmas movie in the afternoon. Of course, there was also a tasty lunch.

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