Breaking the fast in kulmbach: because food unites cultures

Breaking the fast in kulmbach: because food unites cultures

Current fasting muslims. This means that they abstain from food and drink during the day. After sunset they meet to break the fast. The association "kulmbach is colorful" now invited to an evening of meeting in the youth workshop in negeleinstrabe. Abdo al jirudi and his family prepared the feast there.

"We want to show that syrian cuisine is simply good"

Abdo al jirudi, his wife wafaa mahmoud "aunt" amira hamou and the children of the family spent days preparing for the breaking of the fast. They prepared a meal for all muslims, but also for interested people, which should show the whole range of syrian cuisine. "Cooking is our profession. We want to show that syrian cuisine is simply good", ali al jirudi, one of the sons, explained. "We prefer to make a little more, we do not know how much will come", his brother mohammad al jirudi said.

Ten roosters were stuffed with rooted rice and cooked in a roasting tube. "The only way to keep them juicy, father abdo, the head chef, explained. Of course, onions must be included in the roast. Because otherwise the taste is not perfect.

But there were other pots on the stove. The women wafaa mahmoud and amira hamou prepared the rice. As a special refinement, the syrian rice is seasoned with syrup of candy apples. At the end of the meal, he adds some roasted almonds and cashew nuts. That gives the special taste. Raisins must also be added to the rice. "Otherwise it won’t taste good", said hider al jirudi. Hider remained in good spirits even during the turbulent preparation phase. He herded the siblings, roared, and fetched the ingredients with his older brother.


In two pots, the women cook hand-rolled vine leaves with meat and tomato rice filling, naturally spicy.

The highest art of syrian cuisine is the kubba, also called kibbe or kibbaye – the oriental way of meatballs with a hulle of bulgur. They are kneaded into the shape of almonds and then deep-fried. Of course, chef abdo did not reveal all the ingredients for the filling. Only this much: it takes lamb meat, which is put through a meat grinder at least twice and fried with pine nuts, onions, salt, bell pepper, cinnamon, paprika and parsley.

Some things remain a secret

How the syrian family manages to make all kibbe look the same coarse and have the typical almond shape remained a mystery. "Practice makes perfect, laughed mohammad and hider al jirudi and were happy to see the guests eating them enthusiastically. Kibbe are delicious with mint dressing and salad or as a side dish with rice.

Not only muslims came to break the fast, but also many cosmopolitan people from kulmbach who always wanted to experience the taste of the orient. The idea of the "bridge builders and of the association "kulmbach is colorful, that food can connect cultures worked – at least for one night.

The enjoyment workshop should not remain a one-day event, but should take place once a month in the future. Only in ramadan is the meal served after sunset – in the other food workshops, the meal can be served earlier.

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