For the first time in a long time, the number of inhabitants in tettau has risen again slightly

For the first time in years, the market town of tettau was able to increase its population. "There is a slight trend in the number of aircraft", said mayor peter ebertsch (bft) at the mayor’s meeting in the gymnasium and festival hall. Currently, 2237 citizens live in tettau and its suburbs. Fortunately, the "scissors" are being narrowed between the 23 deaths and the 16 births again narrower. This minus could be compensated by more inflows (134) against the outflows of 105.

Of the good business tax revenues of almost 2.2 million euros, about 500,000 euros had to be taken away again, said ebertsch. 350,000 euros in property taxes were received from the burghers. Despite all the savings measures, the debt level has risen by 700,000 euros, and the per capita debt is now around 2,500 euros. All in all, however, many measures had been taken, investments had been made, and the new debt had been compensated for.

Police discover marijuana tent and pistol – investigation against brother near schweinfurt

police discover marijuana tent and pistol - investigation against brother near schweinfurt

Officers of the schweinfurt police department seized large quantities of narcotics in the apartment of two of his brothers on thursday afternoon during the execution of a detention order. The schweinfurt police are now investigating the two suspects on suspicion of trafficking.

Due to an unpaid fine, a warrant for the arrest of a 25-year-old man from the district of schweinfurt was issued. However, the officers were only able to find the brother of the wanted man, who was four years younger, in the apartment in question. They also immediately became aware of a small marijuana plantation operating in a tent in a living room.

Complaint against the mayor’s office

Complaint against the mayor's office

Rita schmitt from reichenbach has filed a complaint with the district administration of bad kissingen against mayor helmut blank (CSU). Press spokesman stefan seufert confirmed that the complaint was received on thursday. Now the city is being asked for its opinion, which will be examined, and then the supervisory authority's answer will follow, according to stefan seufert. Information about the complainant and the reason for the complaint is not available in principle.

Allegations of conspiracy
Rita schmitt, chairwoman of the electoral association forum aktiv and deputy parliamentary group chairwoman in the city council, confirmed to our newspaper that she had filed the complaint. She emphasized, however, that she did this as a private person and not in her function as a city councilor of forum aktiv. The reason for the complaint is the planned commercial area to the north of the existing one on the B19. "I didn't call him, I had him called", says rita schmitt. She did not want to go into detail. It is known that a large part of the area in question belonged to helmut blank's parents.

Bavaria succeeds in making “comeback of the year

Bavaria succeeds in making 'comeback of the year

The god of soccer was with the bavarians at wembley, but not the god of weather on their return home to munich: in heavy rain and wind, the muden champions league heroes, led by coach jupp heynckes and captain philipp lahm, brought the cup back “hoam” after twelve years.

19 hours after the 2-1 triumph in the thrilling wembley final against borussia dortmund and a long night of partying, europe’s fubball contenders landed slightly late at 17.30 o’clock with an airbus A380 on the munich airport. On the gangway, the breezily dressed players, many of whom wore dark t-shirts with the slogan “mia san champions”, braved the muddy weather for a few pictures. Then they quickly rushed into the team bus.

Veitsbergfest: 600 guests were already there early in the morning

The veitsberg festival has always been popular, but the organizers of the veitsbergfreunde stammtisch had not hoped for this year's gigantic success even in their wildest dreams.
"Already for the service in the morning there were almost 600 guests", schwarmt stefan batz, who is the sacristan at sankt vitus with kaja hagel. The small chapel on the ansberg hill was bursting at the seams, and there was hardly a seat left at the garnitures in the middle of europe's largest enclosed linden wreath.
From the very beginning, there was a special atmosphere. The fact that monsignor wolfgang witzgall was "only" a member of the board did not change anything celebrated a normal church service. The "graatzer hecht'n dreigesang" – heinrich geblein, hans jurgen geblein and peter bartosch – created an emotional atmosphere with his song contributions, as if at a church festival. And then there was the ladies' ensemble "auind" from hirschfeld and windheim, villages of steinbach am wald. "The way they recited the lord's prayer in several voices thrilled the visitors," says stefan batz, says stefan batz. They gave spontaneous and abundant applause, which in turn made the artists very happy.
Since the service was transferred from the chapel, which was much too small for the mass of people, to the open air, the believers also got their money's worth outdoors. The fact that the 300 prepared hosts were not enough, batz takes with a smile: "the pastor has last even gestuckelt and divided, but that also brought nothing." No one was bose about it.
This year, the festival with hundreds of guests did not end in the early evening. Even the fact that the "veitsbergfreunde" (friends of the veitsberg) had to leave from an epicurean point of view completely sold out were. The visitors stayed anyway, loved the views of the land around the main, enjoyed a fabulous romantic sunset and chatted happily into the night. Under the wide-spreading trees it was very comfortable: it stayed cool despite record temperatures. And every now and then a little air went out. 

Was it a hard robbery or a test of strength among men??

Was it a hard robbery or a test of strength among men??

In the end A fell in love. The district court as a free man. What's more, one of the officers drove him home, obviously trusting the 42-year-old, who had just been brought before the second criminal chamber in fetters for aggravated robbery.

Because the chechen national could not get to the village where he lives by public transport in the early evening: he lives in a shelter for asylum seekers in the northeastern part of the district. Likewise, the 39-year-old russian D., the A. Is said to have taken away money. However, the witness had come by bicycle and cycled back in the evening. The fact that transportation was an issue was as unusual as the procedure and its outcome.

Weiber ring: high dark figure among senior citizens as fraud victims

Weiber ring: high dark figure among senior citizens as fraud victims

According to an estimate by the weiben ring, far more senior citizens in germany have fallen victim to tricksters than official statistics show.

"Shame does indeed play a role, especially among this generation," the federal chairman of the victim protection organization, former BKA president jorg ziercke, told the german press agency in mainz. Seniors are the focus of crime victims’ day next friday (22. Marz). The motto is "without fear in old age – so that they do not become victims".

The last stalks have fallen

The last stalks have fallen

The numerous walkers were somewhat surprised when the champagne corks popped on the plateau near rathsberg. With the term "fall", the one that was celebrated there, they could do nothing at all.
In recent days, karl-heinz hertlein, a farmer from oberlindach, has been going round and round with his combine harvester on the highest point of the municipality of marloffstein. It took four days and many a half night to thresh around 48 hectares of wheat. Now comes the term "downfall not only the walkers were not familiar with the term, but also the younger generations are mostly unfamiliar with it.
In the working year of the people in the villages, the harvest has always been one of the most important periods. In the past, a good grain harvest not only determined the prosperity of the farmers, but also whether the poorer inhabitants and the livestock could be adequately supplied. Often, adverse weather conditions prevented a good harvest and often caused serious losses. In the past, the farmers were all the more grateful when the grain harvest was brought in and the village community did not have to suffer any hardship in this respect.
In pre-christian times, our ancestors believed in the spirits of fertility and vegetation in the form of an animal. Especially the rooster was believed to have the power to influence the harvest. According to old traditions, the rooster hid under the last sheaf of grain during the harvest to gather new strength for the coming vegetation year. This last sheaf was decorated with colorful banners, certainly the origin of the need to wind a harvest crown, which is decorated to this day with colorful banners and grain ears.
But not only the end of the grain harvest was celebrated, with craftsmen there was after completion of the work or completion a festive communal meal, which was often also associated with a sum of money. With the feast on the farm was finally refueled again strength, because the brought in grain had to be threshed yet. On coarse farms, which grew a lot of cereals, threshing often took many days, even weeks, and often paid to work already in winter.
Neighbors often helped each other out with the threshing, or day laborers in special threshing crews hired themselves out for this work. Often it was also masons who could not work in winter. But also small farmers, who had another occupation besides a small farm, came to thresh for two or three hours before starting work.
On the last day of the harvest, the farmers’ family gathered with the maids and farmhands to celebrate the "fall" the last sheaf. Karl-heinz hertlein reminded us of this age-old custom on the hohenrucken between rathsberg and marloffstein. After the last ears disappeared in the combine harvester of the oberlindach farmer, the harvest year was also over for him. "Tomorrow already begins the harvest for the year 2013", declared hertlein, the rapeseed is sown.
Hertlein wanted to revive an old tradition and to celebrate the fall of the wheat, because the harvest went (almost) without a hitch, except for a broken drive chain or a flat tire. "We had a slightly below-average harvest this year, in may we feared worse, but the grains have a good "coarse", heard hardlein. May and june were mainly too dry, and now the drought is especially hard on the corn, as could be easily seen from the fist-wide cracks in the wheat field.
Nevertheless, on the hohenrucken, from which one can see far into french switzerland and as far as nurnberg, the entire hertlein family, the helpers, as well as relatives and acquaintances, gathered to toast the satisfactory harvest. There was of course not only champagne, the agricultural trainees were busy at the grill and put sausages and steaks on the grate. The women had brought a lot of homemade salad and even sub dishes and the group loved to eat and drink with the best view.

“Work done with heart and soul”

After the service, erwin wolfrum gave a historical review of the kindergarten and diaconal association, while doris luthner reported on the work of the "garten eden" daycare center informed and regina strossenreuther reported from the work of the diakoniestation bad berneck. Helga engelhardt spoke about the seniors' circle.

"There was also gossip"

The recollections of pastor gerhard welz were also remarkable: "at the beginning, it was controversial that we build a nursery. I also received anonymous letters from political bigwigs close to me, accusing me of throwing money away. In the end, a certain group in the village wanted to do it themselves, and that's why there was a bit of a row. My name don camillo also comes from that time, because we had once made a monday-demonstration in front of the city hall for the hortbau. We fought for the facility because we already had the kindergarten. But we parted on good terms."

When twitter was far away

Habberge district – the oral distribution of official notices used to be the task of the municipal clerks in the municipalities. Because they almost always carried a bell with them to alert the burgers on their way through the streets to the latest news, they were called "ausscheller". In zeil, this task was temporarily the responsibility of the municipal police officer.

A "ausscheller" was a person employed by the municipality on a full-time or part-time basis, who in earlier times informed the members of the municipality by loud, oral, public distribution of announcements. With the local bell in his hand he made his fixed round through the village. He stopped at all the prominent places, rang his bell and made himself heard. The burghers stepped in front of the door and hoarded the money.