A biting physician at the annafest

A biting physician at the annafest

The 50-year-old man with a doctorate would have preferred to exclude the public, but his lawyer bernhard eckert withdrew this motion that had been made in advance. There was also nothing honorable in what the man had to report. He had been alone at the annafest last july, looking for a place to sit, and finally got together with a 46-year-old woman who had the same wish. They eventually found him among like-minded strangers, sat down and engaged each other in conversation.
About what happened next, they both sounded very different. The man, who actually wanted to meet colleagues and go on vacation the next day, had, as he said, only wanted to be nice, talked a lot about himself and about the fact that the people sitting at the table were not quite his level.

Possessive behavior

Countrywomen in the forchheim district: valuing agriculture and local foodstuffs

countrywomen in the forchheim district: valuing agriculture and local foodstuffs

In 1945, the bavarian farmers’ association (BBV) was founded, and in 1948, the BBV established the organization of rural women. A lot has changed since then, and that was the focus of a festive evening celebrating the 70th anniversary of the forchheim district group in the romantic hall of thurn castle.

The organization began at the regional level, as district farmer rosi kraus reported in her review, with employees of the agricultural office, which was looking for women farmers and therefore convened a meeting in hetzles. Hildegard wolfel from grobenbuch was installed there as a district farmer. 40 to 50 honorary local farmers were found in a short time.

An almost forgotten, ancient method of preserving vegetables

Salting is an almost forgotten, ancient preservation of vegetables. The finished product is the basis for hearty soups and dishes. Since salt preserves well, the product will keep for at least a year.

And this is how it is done: the ingredients are 250 grams each of leeks, yellow turnips, celery (also with leaves), parsnips and root parsley (including leaves) for each type of vegetable. Wash, clean and peel the vegetables and cut them into large pieces. The whole is then minced in a meat grinder or cake machine not too fine. Then 250 grams of high-quality salt is added. Fine sea salt is best. With normal salt the taste is later too intensive. Then everything is put into a bowl, stirred well and left to infuse for about an hour. The salted jelly is stored in a dark, cool place in jars that must be sterilized before filling. But a jar that has been opened must be put in the refrigerator, explains brigitte zientek.

Successfully away from the bottle

successfully away from the bottle

"Germany has an "alcohol addiction problem – as christina rummel, deputy director of the german central office for addiction issues (DHS), put it at the presentation of the "jahrbuch sucht 2019". A great many germans drink every day. And clearly too much. According to the latest report from the world health organization (WHO), 13.4 liters of pure alcohol were consumed by every german citizen. This puts germany in fourth place in terms of average per capita consumption, and that is worldwide.

In germany, around 74,000 people die each year from the consequences of their alcohol consumption or the combined consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Nearly two million germans are considered alcohol dependent. Around two-thirds of them are men, but the proportion of women is rising steadily. In addition, there is certainly a not insignificant number of unreported cases.

Sabine dittmar to succeed susanne kastner

Ultimately, it is "his majesty, the elector" who decides, who will belong to the future federal parliament. The parties have this last uncertainty, and they have to live with it. But they can make preliminary decisions, and they are already doing so – a good year before the vote.
In the fall of next year, the parliament in berlin will be newly appointed. One woman will certainly not be a member of the bundestag: susanne kastner, a member of the bundestag from maroldsweisach, has already announced that she will no longer be standing for election. The 65-year-old retires from politics. In 1989, she was elected to the german parliament for the first time, at that time as a latecomer, and was confirmed in all subsequent elections.

A say in the matter