Esc hochstadt: action in the water and on ice

Esc hochstadt: action in the water and on ice

"I'm really on fire, says the new president of the ice and swimming club hochstadt (ESC), when she looks into the future of her club. 36-year-old nadja muller took over from norbert luckner last december and wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to ESC hochstadt.

She has already done this in recent years as head of the figure skating department and as second chairwoman. Nadja muller is a true ESC homegrown. She joined the club at the age of five and quickly turned out to be a figure skating talent. At the peak of her sporting career, she was in the revue "holliday on ice" in 1996 and 1997 on the road worldwide. She then trained in nurnberg until 2008.

Alexander fehn now leads the fire department

Alexander fehn is the new chairman of the windheim volunteer fire department. He replaced klaus volk, who did not run again for personal reasons.

Volk had reported at the beginning about the activities in the past year. Among other things, he mentioned the holding of st. Florian’s day and the renovation and reconstruction work on the fire station. Volk looked back to 2016, when he had taken over the chairmanship of the association. At that time, the most important task was to get a functioning active fire brigade off the ground. This is the result of many individual discussions and ultimately the merit of all active firefighters and a leadership team that performs outstanding volunteer work.

Pastor johnke leaves affalterthal

The farewell of local pastor hans-jurgen johnke was full of emotions. One sensed that the church congregation was very reluctant to see its leader leave.

In the semicircle the believers of the church community affalterthal bieberbach on the meadow around the wooden cross and the altar saben. Under the direction of igensdorf state trombone warden sven menhorn, the local trombone choir played. He was supported by the blasers from the deanery of grafenberg. They all played pieces that johnke had chosen and that were intended to underline the farewell character of the service. Vicar michael maul contributed to the service with prayers and readings.

Elevation after csu changes to euro-out for athens

elevation after csu changes to euro-out for athens

Dobrindt had declared athens’ euro exit inevitable. CSU chairman horst seehofer tried to smooth the waters. The CDU leadership around chancellor angela merkel again called for unity in the difficult phase of the debt crisis. It continues to rely on common ground for concrete euro decisions.

Federal justice minister sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger (FDP) called on seehofer to put dobrindt in his place and clearly commit to the european course of the black-yellow government. "Europe is far too valuable to be endangered by populist chatter," she told dpa on monday. The CDU vice president and hessian minister president volker bouffier warned: "the matter is difficult enough, it won’t get better by everyone letting loose some hammer every day."EU commissioner gunther oettinger (CDU) criticized dobrindt’s revisions: "the style is not right, the content is not right and the calculation is not right at all."

Piquant in the puszta:verstappen on attack course

Piquant in the puszta:verstappen on attack course

Max verstappen will provide the extra spice in the puszta. A week after his triumphant victory at the german grand prix, the 21-year-old red-bull star can and will work his way up to second place in the world championship.

The dutchman wants to shorten the gap to formula 1 leader lewis hamilton even further. "I like the hungarian ring, it’s one of my favorite tracks," he said. The entire team is looking forward to this race. "It’s one of the hayest of the year and normally the course suits us," stressed the dutchman.

Fighting instead of ceasefire in syria

Fighting instead of ceasefire in syria

In the evening a car bomb exploded in damascus. There have been deaths and injuries. Army and rebels blamed each other for the new violence. According to opposition sources, more than 50 people were killed in army attacks. Across the country, there are said to have been more than 100 violations of the ceasefire instituted by international syria mediator lakhdar brahimi.

The first fights broke out according to the opposition in the morning in the province of idlib. Among others, supporters of the al-nusra front are said to have tried to storm a military base there. Islamists close to the al-qaida terrorist network had already announced several days ago that a cease-fire agreed with the government did not apply to them.