With hobbadiho to Frankenland

With hobbadiho to frankenland

The donors of scholarships are always happy when the scholarship holders use their pre-financed creative time to generate added value that is visible or audible to everyone. David saam, with his group boxgalopp and all kinds of cheeky children’s songs in freshly mixed french, pays back to the city and county what the city of bamberg and the county made available to him as a stipend in 2017.

And it is the music cd recorded by the scholarship holder saam together with his alternative folk music rasselbande, the children’s choir of wasserknoden and the bayerischer rundfunk studio franken with the title "hobbadiho worth every euro of the scholarship. So this is how cultural challenges for cultural start-ups can also work.

Violinist david garrett played for thousands in bayreuth

Violinist david garrett played for thousands in bayreuth

Let no one say there was nothing there for him. Flamenco, tango, samba, blues, rock, heavy metal and sirtaki: surely not all the inventors of these styles had thought of conditioning this music for the violin. That's why there's david garrett, who could probably create a veritable arrangement for string orchestra out of the instructions for a dishwasher.

But he doesn't need to, because the world – his world – is full of world-famous tonal originals. And the 12,000 or so visitors at the festplatz in bayreuth: they get great cinema, which is not least due to the XXL screen that captures the epicenter of this saturday evening. All of them were allowed to revel in images, for example to peter tchaikovsky's swan lake with a solo ballet interlude that was breathed in with gusto. A mount everest of classical music, cast for eternity. Garrett barely touches the already perfect blueprint.
But the 32-year-old doesn't always leave the original in its original form. Jorge bizet's "carmen he works in a racy sound carpet. Even in works that already play in a higher tempo league, garrett still turns the throttle. His dexterity is especially in demand for pieces like "tico tico", of that latin american joie de vivre expressed in fiery harmonies.