Breaking the fast in kulmbach: because food unites cultures

Breaking the fast in kulmbach: because food unites cultures

Current fasting muslims. This means that they abstain from food and drink during the day. After sunset they meet to break the fast. The association "kulmbach is colorful" now invited to an evening of meeting in the youth workshop in negeleinstrabe. Abdo al jirudi and his family prepared the feast there.

"We want to show that syrian cuisine is simply good"

Abdo al jirudi, his wife wafaa mahmoud "aunt" amira hamou and the children of the family spent days preparing for the breaking of the fast. They prepared a meal for all muslims, but also for interested people, which should show the whole range of syrian cuisine. "Cooking is our profession. We want to show that syrian cuisine is simply good", ali al jirudi, one of the sons, explained. "We prefer to make a little more, we do not know how much will come", his brother mohammad al jirudi said.

Bernd stoth is mayoral candidate

Bernd stoth is mayoral candidate

The CSU local association not only elected its chairman at a meeting on monday, but also voted on its mayoral candidate. Rene gerner and bernd stoth were the candidates for election. The meeting had been awaited with great anticipation for some time – the hall was accordingly well attended.

The evening was chaired by thomas knuttel, who after burying the members gave a short review of the events of the past weeks. Mayor peter hart informed about past as well as upcoming projects of the municipality.

Professional management ensures the survival of associations

The worm seems to be stuck in german club life, as the declining willingness to volunteer remains the main concern for many clubs and associations. The CSU in herzogenaurach is also interested in recruiting volunteers, especially for responsible positions. "The professionalization of voluntary work in administrative tasks could be a chance to win over volunteers for the board in the long term", kurt zollhofer and bernhard schwab explained and invited to the association’s meeting. Thomas schneider from the city of nurnberg’s sports department and robert seel, president of DJK-BFC nurnberg, came to herzogenaurach to discuss the issue.

The 20 or so club representatives described their problems, which ranged from the unwillingness of members to volunteer to financial problems. Clubs were increasingly seen as service providers: people bring their children, pick them up again, but do not have time to participate in the club. Especially for associations with real estate or sports facilities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find members for work services. "With increasing bureaucracy and the responsibility that comes with it, volunteerism is dying", explained erwin piniek from ASV niederndorf.

Hiking days at the troop training area in wildflecken

The hiking days for the open day at the troop replacement area wildflecken start this year from the hessian side in dalherda. Saturday 27. And sunday 28. July, the access is always possible between 6 and 12 o’clock.

The sports field of dalherda is the orientation point for arriving hikers. In the near can be parked the car. Three different hiking routes of 10, around 16 and 18.5 kilometers are possible again. The course of the route has remained the same over the years, only the starting points are different every year. So the hiking days will start next year from kothen, in 2021 from oberweibenbrunn, 2022 from oberbach, 2023 from motten, 2024 from riedenberg, 2025 from wildflecken and in 2026 again from dalherda.

Italian callboy about catholic clergy: “the double standard angered me”

In a 1200-page dossier, everything is listed: names, photographs, transfer confirmations for the payment of the callboy, unmistakable chat histories. In its latest issue, "stern" reported that about the italian callboy francesco mangiacapra, who outed himself and called his clergy by name. Not to the public, but to the church.

The archbishop of naples received the documents with the corresponding evidence. Mangiacapra said in the "stern" magazine to the reason for his proceeding, he wanted to make the double standards of these priests public. His clientele had included a clergyman from bamberg, who had booked him during his visits to rome. Apparently there is a kind of network in which homosexual priests exchange information and recommend callboys to each other.

Unesco application: the regentenbau is not the only thing that pays

Run the UNESCO application in the group "great spas of europe successfully, the pradikat world cultural heritage is in a very specific part of the city, the so-called "property" (core zone). Because: "there must be everything in it, which shows our strong", explains cultural officer peter weidisch.

According to UNESCO requirements, the core zones of the eleven candidate cities must contain all elements that "directly express in physical form the outstanding universal value of good. The density and quality of the building fabric and how much it now differs from its original state. The regency and arcade buildings, the "wandelhalle", the "brunnenhalle" and the "kurtheater" are naturally part of this.

“Friederike” causes commotion at schools, but chaos fails to materialize

Meteorologists warn of a storm low with hurricane-like gusts. The government of upper franconia decides on a uniform end of lessons at 12 o'clock for all schools. Then everything will be far from bad – and questions will arise. Since "friederike turned out to be reasonably peaceful on thursday, at least in our region, there are voices piling up – also in the social media – asking whether all the precautionary measures might not have been overdone.
And it is asked why the schools decided to end classes at 12 o'clock at such short notice. In other counties, this had already been announced the night before. In the district of kulmbach, there was initially confusing information and then, with only a short lead time, reliable information.
We have asked in the education authority and in some schools. We have had it explained to us who makes such decisions. We found out how difficult it is to reschedule school buses and make sure that children who cannot be cared for at home are also well accommodated in the afternoon. The balance sheet of those involved: it was a mountain of organizational work. But everything worked out well under the circumstances and the feared chaos did not occur.

Obama and bush dignify mccain – trump visits golf course

Obama and bush dignify McCain - Trump visits golf course

In the absence of president donald trump, high-ranking political and social figures in washington said farewell to the late u.S. Senator john mccain.

At the funeral service at the national cathedral, former presidents barack obama and george W. Bush on saturday the internationally respected politician. "He made us better presidents, just like he made the senate better, just like he made this country better," obama said.

Black muller bets on eltmann

Rough plans the austrian black muller group has with its new location in eltmann. As a german hub for the sale of new vehicles, around 50 million euros in sales are to be made this year, the company announced on wednesday. From eight employees at the time of the takeover, the workforce will be expanded to 30 by the end of 2019. This was announced by the head of the austrian manufacturer, roland hartwig, at the company’s headquarters in freinberg (upper austria).

At palm

Last october, the schwarzmuller group took over an existing service and repair workshop in eltmann on the maintal autobahn (A70) between bamberg and schweinfurt. The land is located opposite the palm paper mill. The entire land has been adapted for the new purposes. Now the conversion is reportedly complete. 27,000 square meters available, of which 10,000 square meters will be used as parking space for the collection of new vehicles. More than half of all vehicles to be delivered to germany will be made available at the eltmann site in 2019. Around 1500 construction vehicles will be transferred to eltmann and handed over to customers, mainly from the czech plant in zebrak near prague. Hartwig therefore expects sales of around 50 million euros at the french site this year.