For a career in bad rodach: “i don’t need a metropolis”

For a career in bad rodach:

Thomas hartleb, he says with a smile, is part of the "living inventory" of the valeo plant. Because he was already there when hardly anyone at valeo knew where bad rodach was located at all. At that time, in the 80s and 90s, the plant still belonged to siemens. But hartleb was already developing air conditioning systems back then. Today, in the 20. Born in neida, he is responsible for the worldwide development of control elements with a competence center in bad rodach.

Studying in coburg, in the "siemens family on his way up the career ladder, then taken over by valeo with his eight-man development team. Thomas hartleb, now head of the technical product line for control elements, has experienced a lot with and at valeo.

Analysts distrust apple: share briefly falls below 400 dollars

analysts distrust apple: share briefly falls below 400 dollars

Since the record high of 705.07 dollars in september last year, the value of the share has fallen by more than 40 percent.

Negative comments from analysts are the reason for the recent drop in the share price. So wrote the US investment bank jefferies in a study, retailer and mobile operator saben on a twice as high stock of iphones as normal. This indicates that apple is selling fewer cell phones than expected. As a result, jefferies lowered its price target from 420 to 405 dollars.

Parking on the coburg castle square?

The first decision of the administrative senate on monday was more a matter of form: the decision to transfer the coburg flea market to an organizer has proved to be the right one. "The city was cleaner on sunday evening than without the flea market", quoted head of the public order department kai holland a feedback. Both in terms of organization and cleanliness, the organizer had met all expectations (and specifications). Therefore, the contract with the organizer was extended without discussion until the year 2022. In addition, it was decided that on the sunday of the flea market, the castle square can still be used as a sales area.

Actually, the flea market already starts on saturday evening, but there are vendors who only arrive on sunday morning, holland answered the corresponding question of angela platsch (grune). By using the castle square only on sundays, there is also no problem with the state theater. Because its visitors could park here during the performances. The flea market always takes place on the weekend after the whitsun vacations. The next date is therefore 29./30. June 2019. On 30. June the theater plays in the courtyard of the ehrenburg in the evening.

Fuss about chief hygienist at regiomed

fuss about chief hygienist at regiomed

The sonneberg district is currently one of the corona hotspots in germany, even though the infection figures have fallen recently. The effects can also be seen at the sonneberg hospital: because several employees were also infected, an admission freeze was imposed there about 14 days ago. That’s why the hospital is currently treating just 40 patients, 9 of them with covid 19 disease. This corresponds to a utilization rate of 16 percent, said regiomed chief executive officer alexander schmidkte on wednesday.

The emergency room is still open, even if patients are admitted to other hospitals in the regiomed network or to neighboring hospitals. The coburg hospital also currently treats patients from the sonneberg area. 17 of these patients are in the normal ward in coburg, four need intensive care.

No state horticultural show 2026 for forchheim: “we are disappointed”

no state horticultural show 2026 for forchheim:

According to the bavarian ministry of the environment, the winning cities for the bavarian state garden shows 2024 to 2026 have been determined: kirchheim b. Munchen (2024, upper bavaria), furth im wald (2025, upper palatinate) and schweinfurt (2026, lower franconia). Environment minister marcel huber (CSU) congratulated the successful applicants: "the applicants have submitted high-quality and innovative ideas for the development of their communities. They emphasize the importance of ecological urban development, adapted to the respective local conditions. The ideas bring people and nature even closer together. Here nature is brought back to the city."

The city of forchheim had also sent in an application for the year 2026.
Mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) had read the fax around noon, in which the city was informed that it was not enough forchheim in this application phase. "Yes, we've already been swapped", says kirschstein. But the letter also contained a lot of positive feedback. "We were told we had a lot of potential, said the mayor, who had hoped that the city of forchheim and its inner-city green spaces would be able to present themselves.

Consumer users demand: make it easier for customers

Consumer users demand: make it easier for customers

One click – and the contract is closed. Whether it’s a music subscription, a cell phone contract, or an electricity provider, it’s often much more difficult to get a quote than it is to buy something on the internet. Especially from contracts that are automatically extended, many consumers get out much later than they would like to.

Consumer users and politicians are therefore now calling for: make it easier for customers. "Too often, it costs consumers unnecessary time and effort to check out contracts," said tabea robner, spokeswoman for network policy for the grunen parliamentary group, to the deutsche presse agency. "Everyone who has ever concluded a contract online and wants to get it back has already experienced it: it doesn’t work that easily."

Like a rough family

Like a rough family

The burger center/multi-generation house in the north of forchheim has been in existence for ten years now. That was a reason to celebrate. Around 400 guests came to experience how colorful life has become around the facility with information booths, hands-on activities and a varied festive event.

The president of the government of upper franconia, heidrun piwernetz, saw for herself how the neighborhood has developed and praised the director of the facility, kathrin reif, and the many active people who have enriched the district. This was also made clear by the kindergarten and senior groups during their musical and sporting performances.

Costume and specialty market in Frensdorf

Already at the opening on saturday the visitors streamed into the former fischer-hof. It was interesting what there was to see, smell and taste, and where the visitors came from. Cornelia stahl, for example, comes "from the dresden corner", but now lives in franken.

She is particularly fond of the typical french bakery products. Therefore she immediately takes the cooking and baking book written by kerstin rentsch in hand. It runs culinary through the year and you can learn a lot about traditions, the author tells.

Turtles mistake smell of plastic for food

Turtles mistake smell of plastic for food

Plastic gauze in the sea could attract turtles because of its smell, according to a study.

A team led by joseph pfaller of the university of florida in gainesville reports in the journal "current biology" that sea turtles react to the smell of plastic on which microorganisms and other creatures have accumulated in the same way as they do to fragrances in food. "This suggests that turtles are attracted not only to the look but also to the smell of plastic gauze," pfaller is quoted as saying in a news release.

“Bohemian shepherd’s mass” in lonnerstadt and hochstadt

It is difficult to decide which is more beautiful, more impressive, more heart-warming: when fife and clarinets delicately unite to bury the child in the manger, or when the instruments drop into tutti in praise of god. Rude and full of devotion is both.

The listeners in the lonnerstadt saint oswald church were treated to a very special musical experience on sunday morning. Gunter M. Weinkauf, musician from lonnerstadt, chairman of the hochstadt town band and choir director, performed the "bohmische hirtenmesse" with the lonnerstadt singing club and the accompaniment of the town band by jakub jan ryba (1765-1815) on. A mighty work and the most famous composition by the bohemian contemporary of mozart, who also composed many oratorios, symphonies, sacred songs, and other works.