“Youth flame” was rounded

Who last saturday the amusement park "castle thurn" the young people who visited the first stage of the first aid course met not only cowboys and dinolinos, but also many young people in blue and orange protective suits. The reason for this was the acceptance of the "jugendflamme", in which a total of 186 youth firefighters from various fire departments of the district of forchheim took part. The performance badge is awarded every two years, and this year was the eighth time it was held at the amusement park.

Emergency call, knot, ladder

The participants had to demonstrate their firefighting skills and knowledge at more than ten stations spread throughout the park. In the first stage, for example, an emergency call had to be made correctly, various knots had to be tied and a hydrant sign had to be explained. In order to pass the second stage of the test, the young people had to complete a firefighting obstacle course, carry a jet pipe and explain the purpose of the given guesses. At the highest level of the badge, various first aid scenarios had to be worked through and a stepladder had to be carried out.

Paul’s death and the question of why

Paul's death and the question of why

It is now more than three months since a tragedy occurred in ludwigschorgast: it was the 20. July, the day little paul escaped from the daycare center and drowned in a water catchment basin on a neighbor’s property. The two-year-old’s death has shaken people in the region. A question on everyone’s mind: how did this happen??

"It is an oppressive feeling"

The teachers who looked after paul’s group and were on sick leave after the accident are back on duty, and the children who left their parents at home after the tragic incident have also returned to the daycare center after the summer vacations. Those who believe that everyday life has returned are wrong, because the question of why still torments not only the relatives of the deceased boy, but also many parents. Is someone partly responsible for the accident? Can anyone be held accountable? There are still no answers to this question, and many people can’t understand them. "We’re wondering when we’re finally going to hear about what the police investigation has turned up", says a mother who, like everyone who comes to the daycare center, is confronted with the tragedy every day. Candles, flowers, stuffed animals and little angels can still be seen outside the entrance to the daycare center, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the murder. July. "It is still an oppressive feeling", stresses the mother in an interview with our newspaper. She hopes that soon there will be certainty and that it will be clear why little paul had to die.

Klopp combative before bayern game despite defensive emergency

Klopp combative before bayern game despite defensive emergency

Despite the injury plight, borussia dortmund is not complaining and is fighting fit ahead of the bundesliga summit meeting with bayern munchen.

Although the defensive emergency has taken on threatening proportions with the additional absences of mats hummels and marcel schmelzer, coach jurgen klopp appeared to have recovered somewhat from the initial shock two days before saturday’s showdown at signal iduna park against the league leaders.

Test track: what the strabe between theisenort and beikheim has to do with bulletproof vests

It can be found in protective helmets and bulletproof vests, among other things. But there have long been other applications for the plastic composite aramid – for example, in trench construction. To make the roadway more durable, aramid fibers are to be added to the asphalt during the rehabilitation work on state highway 2200 between theisenort and beikheim. However, only on the half of the nearly 3.2 kilometer. Because this construction method has not yet been officially approved.

The kronach free slide is underway: beiergroblein needs two strokes to get out of trouble
but because there was a commitment from the responsible ministry, the strabe will become one of three test routes across bavaria. The rehabilitation became necessary because numerous potholes and cracks had developed due to heavy traffic. So the authorities even reduced the speed limit from 100 to 70 kilometers per hour. Due to construction, the road is expected to be closed until 7. September completely suspended. The total cost is 1.05 million euros and is financed from the bavarian state budget.

Q-cells takeover: sud korean group continues negotiations

Q-cells takeover: sud korean group continues negotiations

"The deal is not yet finalized, talks will continue," a representative of the hanwha group told the dpa news agency in seoul on saturday. To his knowledge, a purchase agreement has not yet been signed. However, he hinted that this could be the case in the next few days. But at this point he could not say anything about it.

A spokesman for the insolvency administrator of Q-cells also said on friday, in response to a question from the dpa news agency, that the sale was not yet perfect. He will not comment on the status of negotiations before signing the contract. It was agreed to keep the details confidential.

Children become little lowen

A lowe who can’t write? There is no such thing, is there?? At the summer party of the ebelsbach charity kindergarten saint magdalena, however, it was precisely such a lowe (justin bohm) who took center stage when lars (stussak) acted out the story from a picture book for his girlfriend sophia (urban) and all the guests.
The "king of animals didn’t bother with his shortcoming at first. "I brulle and show teeth. That’s all I needed." But after meeting a lowe (antonia greubel) and wanting to kiss her, he remembered a piece of advice from an old missionary: "a lowe who reads is a lady. And you write a lady letters before you kiss her." So he asked various forest dwellers to write him a letter. Monkeys as well as elephants, mistkafer, giraffes, crocodiles and vultures, all of which had funny dances up their sleeves. In the end, however, it turned out that justin had been able to turn to his beloved with his problem right away. "I, as a lady, like to be helpful and teach them how to read and write. They started naturally with the A like "beginning".

A patron saint and the legend

A patron saint and the legend

The hunters from the district of kronach honored their patron saint, saint hubertus, in an impressive service in the hunter’s church of herz jesu in pressig, which was decorated in the manner of a hunting lodge. Afterwards, they celebrated st. Hubert’s day in the parish hall. Both events received a great deal of support from the public.

Father helmut haagen OMI was the celebrant of the hubertus mass, the brass corps of the hunter circle group kronach led musically through the hubertus mass with fanfares and hunting pieces of french tradition from "la grande messe de saint hubert".

Ana and pietro elenore have been married for 50 years

Ana and pietro elenore have been married for 50 years

The city of herzogenaurach has not only been an international center for the last few years, but the more than 50-year history of the "guest workers" in germany, this is also reflected in herzogenaurach: since the time when the schaeffler company started recruiting workers from european countries.

Most former employees from abroad have also remained in retirement age. This is also the case for the italian pietro elenore and the spanish ana, who met 52 years ago at scha effler and are now celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in herzogenaurach.

Construction starts in summer

"The city is investing in the maintenance of its infrastructure, not only in the city center, but in all parts of town", so it can be read in an invitation sent to the residents, the dr. Georg-heim-strabe, the burgstrabe and "im krautgarten" was distributed. As early as december 2017, the city council had passed a resolution that, on the basis of a priority list, provided for mmeasures to maintain the infrastructure. On this basis, the construction office could now start work on the three roads in the district of garitz, or. Recording reiterswiesen. As the city further explained, transparency and planning certainty for the citizens were very important to it, which is why the respective residents were invited to separate citizen participations. For the strabenzug "im krautgarten" the plans were laid out in the garitz fire station and the responsible persons from the town administration, the service company and the planning civil engineering company answered the residents’ questions.

Before that, however, the oberburgermeister, kay blankenburg, gave a short speech in which he made it clear that "in the herb garden a complete full development, so both above and below ground will take place. "Everything comes with it, water, gas, sewer, electricity and, of course, fiber optic cable." Promised the head of the city, who estimated the cost of the road at around 350,000 euros and the cost of the canal at about the same amount. 220 000 euro estimated.

Xing boss: german market is far from being exhausted

Mr. Grob-selbeck, an important pillar for xing is the business with personnel services for companies. Do they get to feel the euro debt crisis there?

Grob-selbeck: "what we are noticing is that our corporate customers are feeling a greater sense of uncertainty than they did a year ago. This is reflected in the fact that they are a little more hesitant when it comes to purchasing job advertisements. They want more time to use their packages of 50 or 100 job ads – because they don’t know how many employees they want to hire in the next few months."