Search for bonn bomber also in right-wing scene

Search for Bonn bomber also in right-wing scene

She therefore called in the new defense center against right-wing extremism. But a non-political motive is also conceivable. Officially, the investigators have so far assumed that a terrorist organization of radical islamist persuasion attempted to carry out an attack.

The "suddeutsche zeitung" (saturday) had also reported that the perpetrators could also have a right-wing extremist background or come from the criminal milieu.

Rescue helicopter landed at the aischwiesen fairgrounds

Rescue helicopter landed at the aischwiesen fairgrounds

A veritable concert of martinshorn sounds startled the residents of hochstadt’s city center on thursday evening. The cause was the blocked gate to the old TSV sports ground on treibweg.

What happened? Originally drew the assignment the serious hand injury of a man, who was caught in a wood splitter. The seriously injured man was initially taken to the hospital in hochstadt. The doctors there decided to transfer him immediately to the hand surgery unit at the university hospital in wurzburg. The rescue helicopter was alerted because it had to be done as quickly as possible.

Bite in the night: police must arrive with service dog – pub night ends in cell

Bite in the night: police must arrive with service dog - pub night ends in cell

In late saturday evening, several people were slightly injured in front of a pub in the center of lichtenfels, when a 29-year-old from kronach first bobbed around, insulted guests and then threatened to throw punches. The police report from lichtenfels states that the man from kronach bit a 38-year-old man several times.

Lichtenfels district: two injured after risky overtaking maneuver

Brigitte hobmeier: “i believe that our soul floats away”

Brigitte hobmeier: 'i believe that our soul floats away'

Brigitte hobmeier (37), who was last seen as the bogeyman at the salzburg festival, stars in her new film "wer hat angst vorm weiben mann" (who’s afraid of a woman) in a comedy with a serious theme. She wants to take over her grumpy father franz rissmeyer’s butcher shop with the help of a congolese refugee and continue to run it in her interests. The old butcher tries to prevent it – even if he is only a ghost among the living. The actress talks to spot on news about everyday racism, life after death and her home bavaria. "Who is afraid of the weasel man" runs on 9. October at 20.15 o’clock in the first.

For her performance in "die hebamme – auf leben und tod" (the midwife – to life and death) brigitte hobmeier was awarded the grimme prize

Short-time work will not be absent

Short-time work will not be absent

An increase in unemployment at this time of year is essentially seasonal in nature. In connection with this, there is also the fact that in no other region of the schweinfurt labor market district has unemployment risen as sharply as in the district of bad kissingen (by an average of 0.2 percent in the region, but by 0.4 percent in bad kissingen). Because many newly registered unemployed people come from the hotel and restaurant sector, but also from the construction industry and other blue-collar professions. Many of them have already been promised reemployment in the spring.

Long spared
"Until the end of 2012, the labor market in the region was spared any major burdens from the weakening economy", analyzes klaus seebach, deputy head of the agency for
work schweinfurt, the latest figures for the entire labor market district comprising the counties of bad kissingen, rhon-grabfeld, habberge, and the city and county of schweinfurt. The unemployment rate is still lower than during the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009.

Trump puts deadly police violence against blacks in perspective

Trump puts deadly police violence against blacks in perspective

Barely two months after the death of african-american george floyd in a brutal arrest, U.S. President donald trump has put the problem of police violence against blacks into perspective.

Floyd’s death was "horrible," but "more women" have been killed by police in the U.S. Than blacks, trump said tuesday in an interview with CBS. To the journalist’s question about why african americans were still being killed by police officers in the U.S., trump said, "what a terrible question."