Luther looks at the city

Luther looks at the city

500 years of reformation, bischofsheim should not be left unscathed. In the future, a wooden sculpture of martin luther in bischofsheim will refer to the close connection of the town of bischofsheim with the reformer and the evangelical lutheran church. The original suggestion came from bernhard adrian, who proposed that the central parking lot be renamed "martin-luther-platz to rename.
But this idea did not meet with the approval of either the city council or the protestant church congregation. On the one hand, the city of bischofsheim had just printed new flyers with the words "central parking lot", on the other hand, this official designation had meant an administrative act with rededication and the formalities that go with it, explained mayor georg seiffert. Since the church community did not want to have a parking lot named after martin luther, the proposal was rejected. But not the idea of naming a square in bischofsheim after the reformer.
The church administration and the mayor gave some thought to the idea of declaring the water playground, or rather the square next to the water playground, the martin luther square. To make this visually recognizable, it should not only be a sign, but also a sculpture showing the reformer.

Wood sculptor commissioned

As chance sometimes plays, a few weeks ago johannes brennsteiner came to bischofsheim. A young wood sculptor on the roll. He auditioned in the town hall and mayor georg seiffert said to him. "We had an order…" The young wood sculptor agreed immediately.
He had come to bischofsheim to get to know the wood sculpture school. He himself had learned his craft in oberammergau. Quickly the contact to the wood sculpting school in bischofsheim was established and support was promised to the artist. Mayor seiffert was very pleased about the open-mindedness of the school and the willingness to help. Although brennsteiner had some tools with him, he was able to use the rooms and equipment of the school. The oak trunk for the luther sculpture was supplied by the city of bischofsheim.
Thanks to the close coordination with the evangelical church community, the young wanderer's accommodation was also taken care of. He found a place to stay in the parish hall and immediately joined the church community. "Everything fit together wonderfully", seiffert was pleased about the fortunate circumstances. "Bischofsheim and the evangelical church have a long history together and a close relationship. This should be clearly expressed by the sculpture and the martin-luther-square." From at least two local wood sculptors, seiffert also had the understanding that it was not a local resident who had received the application for the martin luther sculpture, but a young wood sculptor on the roll.

How egm students learn online with mebis in corona times

How egm students learn online with mebis in corona times

Many parents are currently worried about the further development of their children at school in the wake of the corona crisis. The school is closed – how does learning work there?? The egbert-gymnasium was well prepared for this situation, according to a press release. The digital learning platform "mebis" was introduced successively in the years before "corona. "We didn’t let ourselves be irritated," says principal markus binzenhofer. "Even after initial teething problems, we have stuck with communication via mebis in order to avoid creating legally problematic or too many different variants of digital communication.Experience proves the school right, the press report continues: "mebis is now working reliably and the teachers are coming up with a lot of ideas to provide their students with good material. The students work conscientiously and sometimes even more intensively than in normal mode: "respect to both groups!", said binzenhofer.

According to the hotline principle, four mebis coordinators as well as the secretary’s office and school management are available by telephone eight hours a day to answer questions and deal with problems. Teacher kerstin stablein is one of them. She explains the concept as follows: "every student learns at his own pace and rhythm. That’s why we create weekly schedules that the students can arrange themselves and work on at their own time. So they can meet their own needs and don’t have to follow the strict pace of the timetable."

Hanne dittmar helps set up tourism training abroad

"Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself", says hanne dittmar and laughs. The hotel specialist, a master craftswoman in the hospitality industry and lecturer at the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK), has been traveling the world from aschach for decades, teaching professional practice in namibia, tanzania and egypt, in jamaica, china, tibet, bulgaria, turkey, serbia, zanzibar, ukraine and lebanon. In april, she will be working in ukraine again for a few weeks, on behalf of the GIZ, the german society for international cooperation.

"The german vocational training system is appreciated all over the world", says dittmar. The international demand for german trainers, also in the hotel and restaurant sector, is growing steadily. "More and more countries want to profit from tourism." This presupposes a professionalism in the service to the guests. "It's my job to set up these service structures in many countries first. In some countries, I often have to work with minimal resources at the beginning, says the 59-year-old. To start a practice-oriented education when you have even less than the bare essentials, let alone no money, is a rough challenge, he says.

Neuenmarkter trains to become an educator

Neuenmarkter trains to become an educator

Not only women, but also men are trained as educators. One of those who has entered the social work field is 20-year-old dominik paul, who, after successfully completing his high school diploma, is undergoing training at the daycare center in neuenmarkt.

His parents' house is just a few meters away from the day center. More than 15 years ago, dominik paul attended the facility himself. Now he is ready to be trained as an educator there. On 2. September saw the start of the apprenticeship – the 20-year-old was welcomed with open arms by the teachers as well as the boys and girls.

Wiesentheide schoolchildren plant their future forest

They christened it "kliv. They didn't have to think about the name for long, katrin, luisa isabell and vanessa agreed right away. The first letter of each – that's short and sweet. Just like kliv itself. It is now in front of them. And it stands like a one. The friends have literally broken ground for the little tree, giving it a home.

The eighth-graders and almost 900 schoolchildren from the country school home and the nikolaus-fey elementary school in wiesentheid have spent the last two days swapping their satchels for spades to plant their very own future forest in the community forest of wiesentheid above the reupelsdorfer weg. Teachers and parts of the parents' council also lent a hand. In groups of 50 students each, they planted 20 different tree species on an area of half an acre: among others, wild strawberries, wild service trees, bird cherries, hornbeams, oaks and maples – under the protective umbrella of 60-year-old pine trees. But they will be cut down sooner or later.

Even at 90, playing skat is still fun

Even at 90, playing skat is still fun

Margot bloch is surprised that she has grown so old at all. "I could never have imagined that!", the 90-year-old explained at her birthday party at the BRK retirement home, which was attended by her three children and other relatives and acquaintances. Bloch has already had a stroke and bypass operations, but nothing is noticeable about them.

After her birth in essen as the only child of her parents she attended elementary school until 1943. The war was already in full swing and she was sent to the country for a year, the compulsory year that all girls had to complete. In a camp in the country, margot lived and worked with other girls and had to do all the work that was involved in farming.

Congratulations! 50 years together through life

Thekla and manfred schnauder celebrated on 22. June in kaltensondheim golden wedding anniversary. The jubilarian was born in 1937, his parents came from erlach and prichsenstadt. After attending elementary school, he became an electrician and worked for the french utility company fuw.

His wife was born thekla huber in weibenburg in 1938 and became a nurse after finishing elementary and high school, most recently in ochsenfurt.

Boredom on bub- und bettag is not an issue in kulmbach

Since the bub- und bettag is no longer a legal holiday, many parents have a problem, because their children are free from school. Although more and more daycare and after-school care facilities are open on this day, there are still many people in kulmbach who are dependent on an additional care service.

For these boys and girls, the district youth council came up with a concept years ago: the "wichtelwerkstatt".