Children become little lowen

A lowe who can’t write? There is no such thing, is there?? At the summer party of the ebelsbach charity kindergarten saint magdalena, however, it was precisely such a lowe (justin bohm) who took center stage when lars (stussak) acted out the story from a picture book for his girlfriend sophia (urban) and all the guests.
The "king of animals didn’t bother with his shortcoming at first. "I brulle and show teeth. That’s all I needed." But after meeting a lowe (antonia greubel) and wanting to kiss her, he remembered a piece of advice from an old missionary: "a lowe who reads is a lady. And you write a lady letters before you kiss her." So he asked various forest dwellers to write him a letter. Monkeys as well as elephants, mistkafer, giraffes, crocodiles and vultures, all of which had funny dances up their sleeves. In the end, however, it turned out that justin had been able to turn to his beloved with his problem right away. "I, as a lady, like to be helpful and teach them how to read and write. They started naturally with the A like "beginning".

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