Clover farmer’s property in Lonnerstadt is to be renovated

The smallholders' estate is still an eyesore in the middle of the main street. But that should change as quickly as possible. The municipal council has now commissioned winfried rudel, an architect from weisendorf, to handle the renovation of the listed building.

120 000 euro are already planned for this in this year's budget. With it the still deputy and starting from thursday official mayor stefan himpel () wanted to get first once the roof again close.

Basis for the costs
Rudel had presented himself, his office and his ideas for the clover farmhouse to the councilors at the meeting, as did a competitor for the planning contract. In the closed session, they then agreed on the weisendorfer architect. Rudel had explained to the council that they first needed a utilization concept, from which the redevelopment concept could then be drawn up. Only this is the basis for concrete proposals and cost estimates.

During an initial inspection, rudel found that something had to be done to the roof and the roof trusses. "But nothing statically gross", said the architect. On the first floor, the former hallway character was restored and the garden area was also included in the refurbishment.

Fixing the gravel surface
It remains to be seen whether the wish of residents who would like to see the municipal gravel area in front of the neighboring building yard included in the redevelopment area will be fulfilled. The bauhof forecourt is a source of displeasure, especially in bad weather.

The municipal councils have already agreed on the future use of the kleebauers' property. It should stay the way it is already. On the first floor, lonnerstadt would like to set up his local museum, the upper floor is to become an apartment. The attic of the house is not developed. Now architect rudel can start with the concrete planning and calculate costs.

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