Complaint against the mayor’s office

Complaint against the mayor's office

Rita schmitt from reichenbach has filed a complaint with the district administration of bad kissingen against mayor helmut blank (CSU). Press spokesman stefan seufert confirmed that the complaint was received on thursday. Now the city is being asked for its opinion, which will be examined, and then the supervisory authority's answer will follow, according to stefan seufert. Information about the complainant and the reason for the complaint is not available in principle.

Allegations of conspiracy
Rita schmitt, chairwoman of the electoral association forum aktiv and deputy parliamentary group chairwoman in the city council, confirmed to our newspaper that she had filed the complaint. She emphasized, however, that she did this as a private person and not in her function as a city councilor of forum aktiv. The reason for the complaint is the planned commercial area to the north of the existing one on the B19. "I didn't call him, I had him called", says rita schmitt. She did not want to go into detail. It is known that a large part of the area in question belonged to helmut blank's parents.

Therefore, 2. Mayor norbert reiter (CSU) always takes the lead in city council meetings when the topic comes up. Rita schmitt now wants to know if everything has gone according to the rules. She refers to the city's value added. There could only be a value increase, if the municipality had bought the properties, in order to then market them. In the event of a sale from private individuals to the investor, the city would come away empty-handed. And the argument that the city has no money for the (temporary) purchase of the property is not valid either. Such a purchase could only take place on paper for the time being.

Helmut blank told our newspaper yesterday morning that he was not officially aware of the complaint. He learned about it through a phone call. "This is an election campaign, he said and added: "I will get through this."

In keeping with this, rumors are currently spreading in munnerstadt that his parents are now selling the land to the city after all had sold for a sum of 1.2 million euro. Helmut blank can hardly keep from laughing when asked about it. "If it were so, my parents would be very happy", he says. Of course that is complete nonsense.

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