Congratulations! 50 years together through life

Thekla and manfred schnauder celebrated on 22. June in kaltensondheim golden wedding anniversary. The jubilarian was born in 1937, his parents came from erlach and prichsenstadt. After attending elementary school, he became an electrician and worked for the french utility company fuw.

His wife was born thekla huber in weibenburg in 1938 and became a nurse after finishing elementary and high school, most recently in ochsenfurt.

Both became members of the alpine club at an early age, where they first met and then fell in love after a talk at the table in wurzburg in 1967. One year later the civil wedding took place in kaltensondheim, the church wedding in weibenburg.

Two children and four grandchildren congratulated the couple on their marriage anniversary. The honeymoon took the newlyweds to where they like it best: the alps in fussen im allgau. In their free time the couple went on countless hut trips with the alpine club and explored at least 15 countries in europe on study trips.

At home, manfred schnauder tended the garden and the fruit trees, thekla did the housework. Thekla schnauder, a church board member for many years, founded the seniors' meeting and led it for 30 years. She also devoted most of her time to church work. Together they are always guests at events of the frankenbund, the local warriors association and the fire department. 

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