Construction starts in summer

"The city is investing in the maintenance of its infrastructure, not only in the city center, but in all parts of town", so it can be read in an invitation sent to the residents, the dr. Georg-heim-strabe, the burgstrabe and "im krautgarten" was distributed. As early as december 2017, the city council had passed a resolution that, on the basis of a priority list, provided for mmeasures to maintain the infrastructure. On this basis, the construction office could now start work on the three roads in the district of garitz, or. Recording reiterswiesen. As the city further explained, transparency and planning certainty for the citizens were very important to it, which is why the respective residents were invited to separate citizen participations. For the strabenzug "im krautgarten" the plans were laid out in the garitz fire station and the responsible persons from the town administration, the service company and the planning civil engineering company answered the residents’ questions.

Before that, however, the oberburgermeister, kay blankenburg, gave a short speech in which he made it clear that "in the herb garden a complete full development, so both above and below ground will take place. "Everything comes with it, water, gas, sewer, electricity and, of course, fiber optic cable." Promised the head of the city, who estimated the cost of the road at around 350,000 euros and the cost of the canal at about the same amount. 220 000 euro estimated.

The design planning will be ready in the spring of 2019, and construction will actually begin in the summer of 2019 for the approximately one-year inspection period. The contact person is first and foremost kissingen’s head of construction jan voll and for civil engineering thomas hornung. Information boards with the names and telephone numbers of the responsible persons will be set up at the respective construction sites and the respective beneficiaries will again have the opportunity to ask questions on site. There will be no costs for the residents, since the road expansion statutes do not provide for this at the moment. However, the mayor conceded that the costs will now be apportioned to all citizens and no longer to the respective residents – so in any case no more questions came up in this regard.

Total block announced

Before the dozen or so people present were informed by the experts at topic tables about the planned pipeline renewals, footpaths, land drainage and parking lots, thomas hornung announced that the krautgarten would not be a one-way street during the year-long construction work. "A full expansion with all sections also requires a total closure for the entire construction time."

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