Costume and specialty market in Frensdorf

Already at the opening on saturday the visitors streamed into the former fischer-hof. It was interesting what there was to see, smell and taste, and where the visitors came from. Cornelia stahl, for example, comes "from the dresden corner", but now lives in franken.

She is particularly fond of the typical french bakery products. Therefore she immediately takes the cooking and baking book written by kerstin rentsch in hand. It runs culinary through the year and you can learn a lot about traditions, the author tells.

The upper franconian from tettau in the frankenwald offers "g'schnitta hosn" (that's the name of the lard bakery in the area of frensdorf) to produce. The name of the french specialty has nothing whatsoever to do with rabbits, explains rentsch. Rather, he says, it is derived from the patches or rags that used to be sewn onto torn trousers.

Old-fashioned oberfankian recipe
Customers also learn from rentsch that the "ur-radle" baked according to the oldest upper franconian recipe. And that the undressed krapfen or kuchla at her home "strauble" and there are – depending on the area – protestant and catholic ones. Little leni's grandma doesn't care about the denomination of the doughnuts: "the kuchla are the same for us and so is the barlauchquark", let the granny hear.

The preciousnesses: even at the entrance there is a seductive scent in the air – cinnamon and vanilla like in an oriental bazaar. Inevitably it attracts the visitors. The suben temptations from almonds and fine ingredients are not quite french, but homemade.

In the garden behind the museum barn, the genieber can really feast. Of course there are real french sausages. But also trendy: frozen yogurt, for example, is made of pure natural yogurt, according to the salesman, and is said to be much healthier than ice cream for those with a sweet tooth. Those who love high-proof liquor will find it in the hall of the museum guesthouse. Two ladies from near kulmbach like to have "a willi" made for them (pear brandy) pouring.

Fabrics and jewelry for the eye
With so much good for stomach and nose the eye does not come too briefly. Fabrics in splendid colors, plus everything that makes the costume typical: ribbons and braids, buckles and clasps, buttons and glitter. Everywhere people are knitting, hooking and embroidering. Visual instruction is free of charge.

"There's nothing made in china, says an exhibitor and continues to fiddle with a beaded ribbon. 3000 beads and about 15 hours were needed for a hooked necklace. The price is high, but each piece of jewelry is unique.

Also susanne hofmann-koch from pommersfelden knits with beads and makes beautiful things from them. She will pass on this skill in october in a bead knitting course in the farmers museum.

A sales stall is constantly surrounded by ladies of all ages. A gentleman in french costume makes sure that every pot has the right lid. He knows exactly what suits the costume, because he comes from near bad kissingen.

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