Dancing mice take off

Dancing mice take off

Eerie music resounds even before you enter the school gymnasium, and goose bumps are inevitable. "The world is no longer what it was", a snippet of text reaches your ear. 15 black-clad figures with capes move to the beat of the music – on closer inspection they turn out to be vampires. Not the half-world, but a group of kids who love gymnastics and dancing is cavorting there. They call themselves "sulzfelder tanzmause" and have just made their very first appearance at the old carnival in the village. Show dancing is the magic word that inspires 14 girls and one boy between the ages of five and eleven.

Since last september there is this group at the TSV sulzfeld, since then they practice together with their trainer nina schenkel. "The 11. KKC (karneval und kegel club) with bernd hering at the helm has been organizing its annual carnival meeting for years, and we wanted to contribute something with our children", says the exercise instructor. She herself danced for about 15 years with the kitzingen carnival society (kikag), then trained a young guard there and also twirled as a cheerleader with the american footballers of the albertshofer roughnecks. "When i was asked to set up such a dance group, i immediately joined in", she tells and shows her enthusiasm. She said that a lot of people came at first go, she never expected such a rough response. And not only the instructor is happy, the kids also performed their rehearsed dance spiritedly and enthusiastically. Helena even brought her mouse along to watch the accident.

Children should have fun

"We always do such beautiful dances", sina, who is only five years old, is delighted. Lena, twice her age, nods: "I really like dancing with nina." In general, the kids are very fond of their coach: helena (6) thinks she is good, leonie (7) already, sina (5) great and katharina (5) great and already. Jennifer (9) sums it up: "I think nina is good, she's not so strict". The kids can really let off steam in the hall, but when nina schenkel explains a figure, the dance mice become quiet as a mouse. "I am not a strict teacher, I just love to work with the children, I want them to have fun", she emphasizes.

Exercises, dance steps, but also games are part of a training session that is over in no time according to nina schenkel. "I also train wheel and splits. It is not wrong to be able to do all this." The training leader finds the show dance optimal: "we can dress and make up differently and dance different themes – for the kids that's great." She was delighted with the premiere: "i'm very proud of the kids, it went down really well."

On saturday evening at the 11. KKC and rosenmontag at the children's carnival the sulzfelder tanzmause are in full action again, before there is a break until march. "Of course I won't tell you what we will do then, it will be a surprise", says nina schenkel mysteriously. Let's see what kind of music then resounds from the hall.

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