Efficient overall package

Energy is valuable. Using less energy in everyday life saves money and avoids carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. If you generate your own energy from heat and sunlight at home, you do even more good. "Energy efficiency is an important topic for many people – with a view to electricity and heating costs, to the CO2 price coming in 2021, but also to the environment and climate change", says christoph windscheif of the federal association of german prefabricated houses (BDF).

Prefabricated houses score particularly well with those interested in building, thanks to their efficient overall package of sustainable building materials, highly insulated building shells and future-oriented house and heating technology. The manufacturers in the region help with questions, because every house is built according to personal preferences. The best energy for the environment and the wallet is the energy that is not consumed in the first place. Following this principle, prefabricated house manufacturers start with the construction to get the maximum energy efficiency out of their houses.

Already during the industrial prefabrication of the house, the damming is placed inside the wooden panel wall. The result is a highly efficient building component that allows the heat to escape very slowly. In the same way, the roof surfaces are upgraded to energy-saving components.

Just as important as a well-damaged building shell is the efficiency of the heating technology installed. "In the case of a prefabricated house, the technical equipment is customized from the outset to suit the structure and its dam performance, as well as the needs of the client. Since most of the construction and planning services come from a single source, interface problems are avoided", so windscheif. According to an industry survey by the BDF, there is particular demand for future-oriented technologies that do not consume fossil fuels. More than 80 percent of the owners of prefabricated houses decide in favor of a heat pump. 70 percent choose an air-conditioning system with heat recovery. 

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