Elevation after csu changes to euro-out for athens

elevation after csu changes to euro-out for athens

Dobrindt had declared athens’ euro exit inevitable. CSU chairman horst seehofer tried to smooth the waters. The CDU leadership around chancellor angela merkel again called for unity in the difficult phase of the debt crisis. It continues to rely on common ground for concrete euro decisions.

Federal justice minister sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger (FDP) called on seehofer to put dobrindt in his place and clearly commit to the european course of the black-yellow government. "Europe is far too valuable to be endangered by populist chatter," she told dpa on monday. The CDU vice president and hessian minister president volker bouffier warned: "the matter is difficult enough, it won’t get better by everyone letting loose some hammer every day."EU commissioner gunther oettinger (CDU) criticized dobrindt’s revisions: "the style is not right, the content is not right and the calculation is not right at all."

The secretary-general of the CSU had said over the weekend, despite a clear commitment by the chancellor for athens to remain in the euro, that there was no way around an exit from the monetary union. "I see greece outside the euro zone in 2013."About the president of the european central bank (ECB), mario draghi, he said, the italian is about to become "europe’s false mover. Merkel had warned afterwards still on sunday: "everyone should dare the words very much."

This was expressly supported in the CDU’s top committees on monday, as secretary general hermann grohe said. "In the matter of greece, we emphasize the need to stick to agreements". This also applies to us."Until the presentation of the report by the troika of the eu, the ecb and the international sovereign wealth fund on the implementation of the austerity measures, there is therefore no obligation to "create new uncertainty with pithy statements". Grohe said that there could well be differences in emphasis between the CDU and CSU on european policy. "The crucial thing is that we have always managed to walk together when it comes to concrete steps."

Seehofer also declared on monday: "after the troika’s report, it will be decided whether the country can meet the conditions for the disbursement of further aid tranches."In view of the wave of criticism, he emphasized: "we are not pursuing a policy against states or individuals, but a policy for a stable economy and for secure jobs."The CSU leader backed merkel’s euro course. Dobrindt had pointed out the need for economic aid – even in the event that greece should not succeed in meeting its obligations.

The vice chairman of the CSU parliamentary group in the bundestag, max straubinger, accused the secretary general of "provincial grumbling". "It is a piece of absurdistan to believe that greece will get on its feet faster with the dragon," he told the "passauer neue presse" (monday). CSU europe head markus ferber told dpa: "the chancellor is right: everyone should mabi until the troika report is available."

Guido westerwelle (FDP), the minister of the interior, told the "rheinische post" (monday) that it would be foolish to anticipate the troika’s report. FDP faction leader rainer bruderle warned on deutschlandradio kultur that "the european partner and european friend greece should not now have its honor, its sense of self-worth completely taken away from it".

SPD secretary general andrea nahles criticized merkel’s light rebuke for dobrindt’s "tinder at the european house" was not enough. "Mrs. Merkel lets the hometown buffoon alexander dobrindt run here."Cem ozdemir, head of the grunen party, said this showed the CSU’s ambition to win an absolute majority in the 2013 state elections. "Apparently people in bavaria believe that this can only be done by badmouthing the euro."

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