Esc hochstadt: action in the water and on ice

Esc hochstadt: action in the water and on ice

"I'm really on fire, says the new president of the ice and swimming club hochstadt (ESC), when she looks into the future of her club. 36-year-old nadja muller took over from norbert luckner last december and wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to ESC hochstadt.

She has already done this in recent years as head of the figure skating department and as second chairwoman. Nadja muller is a true ESC homegrown. She joined the club at the age of five and quickly turned out to be a figure skating talent. At the peak of her sporting career, she was in the revue "holliday on ice" in 1996 and 1997 on the road worldwide. She then trained in nurnberg until 2008.

Ice gala with 1000 spectators
When figure skating was on the brink of extinction in her home club in hochstadt, she loved to convince herself to rejoin and to fight against the bad mood and the closure of the department at that time. Today, the figure skaters in the ESC pay over 200 active. Six to seven "rough madels – 20 years and older – are involved as coaches and are supported by 27 mentors. Highlight of the figure skaters was only recently again the ice gala in front of over 1000 spectators.

When norbert luckner did not stand for re-election at the last annual general meeting, nadja muller was persuaded to take over the chairmanship of the 600-member club. The prerequisite, however, was that lisa noack, who is only 21 years old, work as a deputy coach. That means the club won't have a generational problem for the next ten to 15 years, says muller.

The figure skaters are the largest division in the ESC, but they do not register competitive skaters. They had to train five to six times a week, and if you don't start as a toddler, you won't make it to the european championships anyway, says the expert on the skids.

Head of department and coach katharina lang has around 15 synchronized swimmers in her team, which competes once a year at the bavarian youth championships. Six to eight is the ideal age to start here, training takes place on saturdays from 10 a.M. To 1 p.M. In the indoor pool.

The diving athletes of the ESC prefer the red sea – this year again in autumn – to the swimming pool. More than 60 divers under the leadership of tjark meyer take care of the club's social life and the clubhouse.
In bavaria some years top were the ice hockey ladies of the ESC. They did not play in the national league last season, but want to start again in the 14/15 season.

Chairman muller wanted to "keep up in all respects" and also revive competitive swimming in the ESC.

Preventing the parade with power
She and especially the members of the club hope that nadja muller's husband will soon find a job as a high school teacher of economics, computer science and geography in the region. If this does not succeed, the family and its two children will be threatened with a change of residence and the ESC with the loss of a dedicated leader. But not only nadja muller wanted to prevent this with power.

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