Even at 90, playing skat is still fun

Even at 90, playing skat is still fun

Margot bloch is surprised that she has grown so old at all. "I could never have imagined that!", the 90-year-old explained at her birthday party at the BRK retirement home, which was attended by her three children and other relatives and acquaintances. Bloch has already had a stroke and bypass operations, but nothing is noticeable about them.

After her birth in essen as the only child of her parents she attended elementary school until 1943. The war was already in full swing and she was sent to the country for a year, the compulsory year that all girls had to complete. In a camp in the country, margot lived and worked with other girls and had to do all the work that was involved in farming.

After the war, she was unemployed for a while and then got a job in a cloth factory in the ruhr area. In 1950 she married alfred, with whom she had a happy marriage, but who unfortunately died in 1983 after a long, serious illness. After the wedding they moved to velbert, a town near essen. Their marriage produced three children – two girls and a boy.

In 1961 the young family moved to heiligenhaus, also in the vicinity of essen. There, both she and her husband worked in the iron foundry. Magot produced bolts of the kind used in bridge and lander construction. In heiligenhaus, the family had created their own small house, but this was connected with considerable personal contributions, which is why they had to do without some things. In heiligenhaus, the jubilarian worked in shifts at the post office.

After the death of her husband, she lived alone in the house and was brought to rottenbach by her daughter in 2014. Since september 2018 she is in the BRK-altheim in etzelskirchen and there she feels very well. It’s all very much at home, the jubilarian emphasizes.

Margot bloch has worked all her life and still found time for her hobbies. Her passion is handicrafts with all its techniques: knitting, embroidery, hooking and knotting. And she has another passion: playing skat. And she still does that today, whenever the opportunity arises. And if not, then she fetches her "tablet" and plays against herself.

Margot attends all events at the old people’s home whenever possible. The birthday boy also keeps himself informed about the day’s events by reading the newspaper and watching television. Her daughter said: "she has good genes and must always be in motion!"

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