Fighting instead of ceasefire in syria

Fighting instead of ceasefire in syria

In the evening a car bomb exploded in damascus. There have been deaths and injuries. Army and rebels blamed each other for the new violence. According to opposition sources, more than 50 people were killed in army attacks. Across the country, there are said to have been more than 100 violations of the ceasefire instituted by international syria mediator lakhdar brahimi.

The first fights broke out according to the opposition in the morning in the province of idlib. Among others, supporters of the al-nusra front are said to have tried to storm a military base there. Islamists close to the al-qaida terrorist network had already announced several days ago that a cease-fire agreed with the government did not apply to them.

A little later, several areas in the greater damascus area, homs and hama came under fire from government forces. In the evening a car bomb went off in damascus in the district of daf al-shuk. According to the state news agency sana, at least 5 people died and about 32 were injured.

Syrian army accused rebels of violating agreed ceasefire by attacking military bases nationwide, according to state television. The forces in dispute had agreed to the cease-fire on thursday, but reserved the right to react to violations from other sides.

The armed opposition had previously agreed to the proposal of syria mediator brahimi to stop fighting over the holidays. But only under the condition that also the army kept to it.

While violence escalated again, president baschar al-assad showed up to pray at a mosque in damascus for the sacrifice festival. State television broadcast the appearance of the ruler, who was smiling and relaxed as he talked to the faithful.

Federal minister guido westerwelle urged the parties to the conflict to observe the cease-fire. "I hope that individual offenses will not lead to a collapse of the nationwide truce," the FDP politician said in berlin. "We appeal to all to adhere to the fire break."

Observers were skeptical about the ceasefire from the start. Only in april an attempt to end the violence failed. At the time, brahimi’s leader kofi annan negotiated a ceasefire, which was immediately broken.

At the turn of the year, an arab league observer mission was supposed to stop the bloodshed. But after a month, the organization abandoned the plan in the face of escalating violence. The conflict, which has been going on for more than 19 months, has cost the lives of more than 30,000 people.

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