For the first time in a long time, the number of inhabitants in tettau has risen again slightly

For the first time in years, the market town of tettau was able to increase its population. "There is a slight trend in the number of aircraft", said mayor peter ebertsch (bft) at the mayor’s meeting in the gymnasium and festival hall. Currently, 2237 citizens live in tettau and its suburbs. Fortunately, the "scissors" are being narrowed between the 23 deaths and the 16 births again narrower. This minus could be compensated by more inflows (134) against the outflows of 105.

Of the good business tax revenues of almost 2.2 million euros, about 500,000 euros had to be taken away again, said ebertsch. 350,000 euros in property taxes were received from the burghers. Despite all the savings measures, the debt level has risen by 700,000 euros, and the per capita debt is now around 2,500 euros. All in all, however, many measures had been taken, investments had been made, and the new debt had been compensated for.

The mayor is particularly proud of the many voluntary services for associations and organizations, which have not existed in this form in other communities for a long time. He mentioned the "funeral money" 200 euros for newborns and free kindergarten attendance for the first four months. New since last year is a further voucher in the amount of 50 euros. This performance makes the town the absolute leader in the region.

Another important factor mentioned by the mayor was the transport connections. The bottleneck in the sattelgrund is to be eliminated, for a long time the buildings have been the property of the free state of bavaria. Now in the spring the demolition is to take place.

The mayor described the reduction in the trade tax rate as the right sign. The local companies had invested heavily, thus securing their long-term success and also the approximately 2500 jobs in tettau. The urban development concept paves the way for a good future. There are attractive apartments, and the town is also well equipped for the future with excellent medical care.

Ebertsch hopes for demand

For the area of the only privileged porcelain factory, a framework plan is currently being worked out. With pleasure one became also the in the years come gymnastics and festival hall reorganize. For the building, which was built in 1957, they have applied for funds through a special program at the federal ministry of the interior in berlin and they are hopeful that this time they will receive a high demand.

Roland weigelt from langenau made a plea for a speed limit in the sattelgrundweg. There are narrow and unclear places, which is why schoolchildren are particularly at risk. He also pointed out that in the case of the planned road expansion, work will not be carried out on all the roads at the same time in order to spare the citizens long detours. "Something must not happen first", said the mayor and spoke out for speed 30 in langenau, but also in tettau in the area of the town hall.

Johannes guntsch complained, among other things, about the condition of the tettau swimming pool. He questioned whether it would not be better to stay there and use the new facility in steinbach am wald. It will not be comparable to steinbach, where a lot of money was invested, said the mayor. At the same time, efforts are being made to preserve the baths, which have been neglected in recent years, with as little expense as possible. One should, as desired by the government of upper franconia, think in regions and divide the facilities, therefore the renovation of the gymnasium and festival hall is also more important.

Frank hammerschmidt described the lack of suitable living space as a hindrance for companies, especially in view of the university boom in kronach. This is known, said the mayor, the municipality has done its homework and the industry is invited to participate. In the past, the companies also provided appropriate company housing, said ebertsch.

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