“Friederike” causes commotion at schools, but chaos fails to materialize

Meteorologists warn of a storm low with hurricane-like gusts. The government of upper franconia decides on a uniform end of lessons at 12 o'clock for all schools. Then everything will be far from bad – and questions will arise. Since "friederike turned out to be reasonably peaceful on thursday, at least in our region, there are voices piling up – also in the social media – asking whether all the precautionary measures might not have been overdone.
And it is asked why the schools decided to end classes at 12 o'clock at such short notice. In other counties, this had already been announced the night before. In the district of kulmbach, there was initially confusing information and then, with only a short lead time, reliable information.
We have asked in the education authority and in some schools. We have had it explained to us who makes such decisions. We found out how difficult it is to reschedule school buses and make sure that children who cannot be cared for at home are also well accommodated in the afternoon. The balance sheet of those involved: it was a mountain of organizational work. But everything worked out well under the circumstances and the feared chaos did not occur.

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