Hausen’s historical pictures

Hausen's historical pictures

From 5 p.M. There will be a "reunion with old friends". Admission is from 16.30 o'clock. Hospitality is provided.

Since 2007, the floriansjunger from hausen have made it their task to save historical pictures from being forgotten and from decay. Several thousand photos, as well as old audio tapes and narrow-track films, are now available in digital form.

Pictures from all areas of home and village life will be shown. Also the memory of persons, like cardinal julius dopfner, pastor georg hirschbrich or the village teacher erika englert will be a central topic this time.

Many visitors will be able to rediscover themselves in their wanderings through the 70s and 80s. A "sensational find a 30 minute color film with original sound from the year 1970 is announced.

If you can provide pictures, please bring them with you or contact Bernd Czelustek, commander of the GIZ. The images are scanned and returned to their owners within a few days.

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