Herzogenaurach thanks deserving volunteers

Herzogenaurach thanks deserving volunteers

The city of herzogenaurach is aware of the importance of volunteer work. "Civic and voluntary commitment shapes, forms and enriches many areas of public life in our city as well", declared mayor german hacker (SPD) at this year’s honorary evening in the meeting room of the interim town hall.

"They all give their time, creativity and energy free of charge for the benefit of their fellow human beings. Voluntary work holds society together, revitalizes the community and makes a significant contribution to the quality of life. Neither the state nor the city can replace the work done by volunteers. That’s why we can’t publicly recognize and honor volunteerism often enough. Even the city could not pay for volunteer work", the mayor honored. Those who leave such a service are nevertheless enriched: by "the feeling of having done something meaningful, right and important". Civic engagement is not a sacrifice, but an expression of solidarity.

Most of the time, it is the quiet heroes who give their time, creativity and energy free of charge for the good of others. Some of them were publicly recognized as club chairmen, for example, while others worked in social organizations or in a personal capacity, more in the shadows and beyond the public eye. Still others had perhaps provided help selflessly, sacrificially and spontaneously.

As a token of thanks and recognition for their civic commitment, the mayor awarded the civic medal to five people for their many years of outstanding volunteer work in key positions: helga lang, dagmar wegmann, hermann josef conrads, peter persin and siegbert sendner.

A look back

Before the mayor turned to the evening’s main events, he took a brief look back at the year 2019 in herzogenaurach. Child care, traffic, urban development, culture – a lot had happened. "Even if many of you, especially my colleagues on the city council, know all about it because they decided it – despite all the false claims in letters to the editor that the mayor decides everything on his own – it is the totality of all activities, including and especially those in volunteer positions such as our city councilors, that makes the city so successful."

The honors were presented by thomas "smiley" schonfelder with band members werner pfannerer, tassilo pesold, and jojo schmid musically framed and at "days like these" or "brown eyed girl" and "someday I will stay there" the guests hummed along. At "marble, stone and iron breaks" the hall got into motion and the band entertained also at the following social part.

The honorees concluded by thanking the city and their families for making it possible for them to volunteer. In their words of thanks, they also included their comrades-in-arms in the association or organization, because these also contributed significantly to the fact that the honorary office can be carried out successfully.

The honored

Helga lang was awarded the burgermedaille of the city of herzogenaurach for her many years of voluntary work in a responsible position in the hospizverein herzogenaurach, especially during its foundation in its present form from 2003 onwards. She was already a member in 1982, later she became an associate member, second chairwoman and from 2003 to 2015 chairwoman of the hospice association (formerly the association for outpatient care). She has played a major role in many projects, including.A. The introduction of the mourning cafe, the realization of excursions or ecumenical mourning services. In addition, she has been active in various other voluntary areas for many years, u.A. As a member of the senior citizens’ advisory council of the city of herzogenaurach from 2007 to 2019 or in the catholic german women’s association.

Dagmar wegmann was also awarded the burgermedaille of the city of herzogenaurach for her outstanding and extremely broad voluntary work. She has been active in various voluntary areas for decades, coordinating the town’s mother-and-child groups for almost 30 years and organizing everything to do with taking the sports badge for many athletes at ASV niederndorf. In addition, doris wegmann has been active for many years in herzotv.

Hermann josef conrads was awarded the burgher’s medal of the city of herzogenaurach for his decades of voluntary work for "his parish" st. Josef niederndorf honored. He is mabgeblich for decades with many projects or. Tasks entrusted in the parish. Whether as an honorary sacristan, communion helper, lector or long-time chairman of the parish council of st. Joseph (now the parish council of the. Josef (now the pastoral area council of the catholic church). Parish community of herzogenaurach). He also works in many committees and organizes almost everything "around his parish". For more than 20 years, he had also been involved in the operation of the daycare center for children in the st. Josef niederndorf and the hort st. Josef organizationally under his wing.

Peter persin was awarded the burgermedaille of the city of herzogenaurach for his many years of voluntary work in the city youth band of herzogenaurach. He was a founding member of the city youth band and an active musician for more than 50 years, the "tuba peter. Peter persin has held many positions there over the years, and has been a member of the board of directors.A. 25 years in the presidium and managed the archives. He is also active on a supra-regional level in the district association of the north bavarian music federation and in the district music council of erlangen-hochstadt.

Siegbert sendner was awarded the burgher medal of the city of herzogenaurach for his almost lifelong voluntary work in a responsible position with the herzogenaurach volunteer fire department in combination with over 11 years of voluntary work as a city councilor. He has been a member of the fire department for many years and joined the marching band as a drummer at the age of ten, which he later led for 17 years. At the age of sixteen, in 1963, he began his active firefighting service. He has held many positions in his active ministry, which lasted until 2007. It was u.A. Group leader, commander and for many years chairman of the herzogenaurach volunteer fire department, for many years even both. In 1987 he was appointed district fire chief. He proved his great organizational talent during the festivities for the 125th anniversary of the fire department (1993) or the implementation of the procession for the 1000th anniversary (2002).

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