Hiking days at the troop training area in wildflecken

The hiking days for the open day at the troop replacement area wildflecken start this year from the hessian side in dalherda. Saturday 27. And sunday 28. July, the access is always possible between 6 and 12 o’clock.

The sports field of dalherda is the orientation point for arriving hikers. In the near can be parked the car. Three different hiking routes of 10, around 16 and 18.5 kilometers are possible again. The course of the route has remained the same over the years, only the starting points are different every year. So the hiking days will start next year from kothen, in 2021 from oberweibenbrunn, 2022 from oberbach, 2023 from motten, 2024 from riedenberg, 2025 from wildflecken and in 2026 again from dalherda.

"Thus, the starting points for the hiking days around the military training area are evenly distributed over the years", says major gordon stutz, the commander. With good weather he expects about 3500 visitors. A significant proportion of the hikers are regulars, some of whom come from far away. For example from frankfurt / main, hannover and even from the USA. A large group of fans will also travel from the area around the vogelsberg. Not to forget the locals who have been looking forward to enjoying the beautiful panoramic views from the vantage points of dalherdakuppe, dreifeldskuppe and dammerfeldskuppe all year round.

Passing the kuppenmannchen, schwamm, otter and katzenstein, the nature lures through the hader forest. Here you can enjoy the rhon with its animal and plant world. There are two points to rest on. Major stutz urges again this year not to leave the marked hiking routes. This must also be impressed on the children. Dog must stay on the leash. Because the danger of stowaway ammunition still exists. It goes without saying that in view of forest fire danger open fire is to be avoided.

The entry fee is 2,50 euro. For emergencies, there are regular site designations with call numbers on the hiking routes. There are also roadside inspectors on the road to keep an eye on things, says stutz. The tranquility of nature is a pleasant contrast to the noise of everyday life. At the latest at 18 o’clock the hikers should arrive again at the destination in dalherda.

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