Increased number of telephone scams in lower franconia

Increased number of telephone scams in Lower Franconia

Last weekend, a man from aschaffenburg was the victim of a telephone scam. After his phone rang repeatedly, he picked up the horer and was euphorically told at the other end of the line by a man ("herr mann") to win 38.750 euros wanted. In order to get the amount paid out, the aschaffenburg resident was to pay a fee of 900 euros using the "paysafe" payment system pay. The bona fide victim complied with the demand, now he was even given a profit of 83%.000 euro in prospect. An unidentified caller who addressed herself as "mrs. Fuchs" did not want to go into detail asked for a transfer in the amount of 4 million euros.700 euro by western union. The victim suspected fraud, hung up and informed the police.

Telephone fraud in bad kissingen

A man in bad kissingen suffered a similar fate. He was the victim of a telephone scam at the beginning of september. The man from bad kissingen had also been told on the phone that he was 38.750 euros won. In order to transfer the winnings, the payment of a fee of 800 euros via "paysafe" was required fallig. The deceived paid 300 euros without the promised profit being paid to him afterwards.

The police urges you to be extremely careful when someone tells you about a prize on the phone. In particular, if they are asked to pay a fee before the payment is made. The police advise, if possible, to write down the telephone number of the call, hang up and leave the officials alone.

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