Italian callboy about catholic clergy: “the double standard angered me”

In a 1200-page dossier, everything is listed: names, photographs, transfer confirmations for the payment of the callboy, unmistakable chat histories. In its latest issue, "stern" reported that about the italian callboy francesco mangiacapra, who outed himself and called his clergy by name. Not to the public, but to the church.

The archbishop of naples received the documents with the corresponding evidence. Mangiacapra said in the "stern" magazine to the reason for his proceeding, he wanted to make the double standards of these priests public. His clientele had included a clergyman from bamberg, who had booked him during his visits to rome. Apparently there is a kind of network in which homosexual priests exchange information and recommend callboys to each other.

Affair surrounding the former cathedral chaplain otto munkemer

With all probability, which speak for such networks, they can hardly be proved, much must remain speculation. This is confirmed by research carried out years ago in bamberg in connection with the affair involving the former cathedral chaplain otto munkemer. There were many anonymous tips, as well as a group of insiders from the ordinariate who, however, shied away from going public out of concern for their jobs.

However, it was clear that there was a lot of sympathy for the person convicted of sexual assault. There was always talk of homosexual milieus, in which high-ranking clergymen were also said to have frequented. There were appropriate considerations to be made. As head of human resources, munkemer also had access to sensitive files. No wonder, then, that in his case it took almost four years before a final legal verdict was reached.

Offender fell easily

There could have been fears that one would spill the beans if he was touched too hard. He was not. In the proceedings, the first step was to cover up the case. He made his own investigations. The public prosecutor's office was not called in.

Munkemer was only relieved of his duties under pressure from the public. And even though the former cathedral chaplain was found guilty of sexual assault of minors in six cases, he has remained a priest to this day and thus a cleric. In the end, the culprit fell soft. Only pastoral activities were forbidden to him.

Whether a network of homosexual priests made sure that one of their own got off lightly? This cannot be proven. The callboy scandal in italy seems to prove that such networks do exist.

And unlike in the past – when the secrecy of those affected was a guarantee of safety – the bamberg priest, who is now being interviewed in the "stern" magazine, was allowed to express himself the police found out that he was no longer so sure of his case. Because the archbishop of naples was allowed to inform not only the vatican, but also the affected bishoprics about the conduct of some homosexual priests.

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