“Kronach lights up” in the future already at the beginning of may

The organizing team around klaus metzler and the board of the "kronach creativ" association have decided to organize the light event "kronach leuchtet" to be carried out as early as may next year – specifically from the 3rd of may. Until 12.May.

According to board member helmut schiffner and project manager klaus metzler, there are good reasons for this: because it gets dark earlier in may, kronach can really shine as early as 8 p.M. This also gave the caterers a long time to organize events.

Many advantages for "kronach leuchtet in may

Furthermore, the density of festivals in july will be equalized by the change of venue, the distance to the open air will be longer – and "kronach glows" do not find parallel to the "faust" anymore-festivals instead of. According to the organizers, this facilitated the closure of the upper town – and there was no longer any heavy traffic in the direction of the fortress. Maybe even a parking ban during the event will be enforced.

Other positive aspects from the point of view of "kronach creativ": in may, people are still "hungry" after festivals, while there had already been several rough events by july. One must also keep in mind, klaus metzler states, that july is on average the month with the most rainfall. The earlier start of the festival also makes it more attractive for families with children, because they can leave earlier and still get their children to bed on time.

"Kronach creative cooperates with universities such as coburg, ilmenau, wismar and turin for the festival. July is exam time for them – or the semester is already over. In may, on the other hand, it is still in full swing.

Burgermeister stands behind postponement

Of course, the organizers are well aware that the postponement also has disadvantages. So be "kronach leuchtet in the past seven years, the event has always been held in july – so the audience is used to it. In addition, the "faust"-festival also attracted visitors to "kronach leuchtet" and of course it is warmer on average in july than in may.

Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein (freie wahler) was pleased about the clear commitment to hold the festival also in the coming year. He stands behind it of course – also behind the shifting of dates. He was, however, cautious about a parking ban. It is always a question of balancing the interests of residents and organizers.

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