Luther looks at the city

Luther looks at the city

500 years of reformation, bischofsheim should not be left unscathed. In the future, a wooden sculpture of martin luther in bischofsheim will refer to the close connection of the town of bischofsheim with the reformer and the evangelical lutheran church. The original suggestion came from bernhard adrian, who proposed that the central parking lot be renamed "martin-luther-platz to rename.
But this idea did not meet with the approval of either the city council or the protestant church congregation. On the one hand, the city of bischofsheim had just printed new flyers with the words "central parking lot", on the other hand, this official designation had meant an administrative act with rededication and the formalities that go with it, explained mayor georg seiffert. Since the church community did not want to have a parking lot named after martin luther, the proposal was rejected. But not the idea of naming a square in bischofsheim after the reformer.
The church administration and the mayor gave some thought to the idea of declaring the water playground, or rather the square next to the water playground, the martin luther square. To make this visually recognizable, it should not only be a sign, but also a sculpture showing the reformer.

Wood sculptor commissioned

As chance sometimes plays, a few weeks ago johannes brennsteiner came to bischofsheim. A young wood sculptor on the roll. He auditioned in the town hall and mayor georg seiffert said to him. "We had an order…" The young wood sculptor agreed immediately.
He had come to bischofsheim to get to know the wood sculpture school. He himself had learned his craft in oberammergau. Quickly the contact to the wood sculpting school in bischofsheim was established and support was promised to the artist. Mayor seiffert was very pleased about the open-mindedness of the school and the willingness to help. Although brennsteiner had some tools with him, he was able to use the rooms and equipment of the school. The oak trunk for the luther sculpture was supplied by the city of bischofsheim.
Thanks to the close coordination with the evangelical church community, the young wanderer's accommodation was also taken care of. He found a place to stay in the parish hall and immediately joined the church community. "Everything fit together wonderfully", seiffert was pleased about the fortunate circumstances. "Bischofsheim and the evangelical church have a long history together and a close relationship. This should be clearly expressed by the sculpture and the martin-luther-square." From at least two local wood sculptors, seiffert also had the understanding that it was not a local resident who had received the application for the martin luther sculpture, but a young wood sculptor on the roll.

Ceremonial act in october

It remains to be seen what the water playground and the martin luther square with the sculpture will ultimately be called in the vernacular. Possibly "martin-luther-platz at the water playground". Hans gertz of the church board thanked the mayor that the reformation and martin luther find attention in this way in bischofsheim. "It was a great pleasure for us when we heard about the project. The good relationship between the political municipality and the church community is underlined by this." The official installation of the sculpture is to be carried out in connection with a church ceremony in october, before the reformation celebration. The exact date will be announced.

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