Obama and bush dignify mccain – trump visits golf course

Obama and bush dignify McCain - Trump visits golf course

In the absence of president donald trump, high-ranking political and social figures in washington said farewell to the late u.S. Senator john mccain.

At the funeral service at the national cathedral, former presidents barack obama and george W. Bush on saturday the internationally respected politician. "He made us better presidents, just like he made the senate better, just like he made this country better," obama said.

Esc hochstadt: action in the water and on ice

Esc hochstadt: action in the water and on ice

"I'm really on fire, says the new president of the ice and swimming club hochstadt (ESC), when she looks into the future of her club. 36-year-old nadja muller took over from norbert luckner last december and wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to ESC hochstadt.

She has already done this in recent years as head of the figure skating department and as second chairwoman. Nadja muller is a true ESC homegrown. She joined the club at the age of five and quickly turned out to be a figure skating talent. At the peak of her sporting career, she was in the revue "holliday on ice" in 1996 and 1997 on the road worldwide. She then trained in nurnberg until 2008.

A flurry of notes and an accelerator of tempo

A flurry of notes and an accelerator of tempo

For the fact that it is performed only comparatively seldom, however, quite a bit has already been said about it. Of "too many notes or "virtuoso overload now and then the talk turned to robert schumann’s grande sonata. It was precisely this schumann to whom georgy tchaidze was particularly devoted on sunday afternoon in the world classical music series. The st. Petersburger drew the audience in the former synagogue into a schumannian aura.

Curious. While tchaidze (30) sabbed at the piano, sunbeams fell through the windows. Shortly before the concert, the weather must have ensured that not so many visitors decided to head for the box office. One cannot say that the romantic schumann (1810 to 1856) is comfortable to everyone and this work certainly not. But from the opening movement (allegro), the russian worked on a question that now spreads through the listener: why must he consider something fascinating that he can only grasp with difficulty?.

How egm students learn online with mebis in corona times

How egm students learn online with mebis in corona times

Many parents are currently worried about the further development of their children at school in the wake of the corona crisis. The school is closed – how does learning work there?? The egbert-gymnasium was well prepared for this situation, according to a press release. The digital learning platform "mebis" was introduced successively in the years before "corona. "We didn’t let ourselves be irritated," says principal markus binzenhofer. "Even after initial teething problems, we have stuck with communication via mebis in order to avoid creating legally problematic or too many different variants of digital communication.Experience proves the school right, the press report continues: "mebis is now working reliably and the teachers are coming up with a lot of ideas to provide their students with good material. The students work conscientiously and sometimes even more intensively than in normal mode: "respect to both groups!", said binzenhofer.

According to the hotline principle, four mebis coordinators as well as the secretary’s office and school management are available by telephone eight hours a day to answer questions and deal with problems. Teacher kerstin stablein is one of them. She explains the concept as follows: "every student learns at his own pace and rhythm. That’s why we create weekly schedules that the students can arrange themselves and work on at their own time. So they can meet their own needs and don’t have to follow the strict pace of the timetable."

Black muller bets on eltmann

Rough plans the austrian black muller group has with its new location in eltmann. As a german hub for the sale of new vehicles, around 50 million euros in sales are to be made this year, the company announced on wednesday. From eight employees at the time of the takeover, the workforce will be expanded to 30 by the end of 2019. This was announced by the head of the austrian manufacturer, roland hartwig, at the company’s headquarters in freinberg (upper austria).

At palm

Last october, the schwarzmuller group took over an existing service and repair workshop in eltmann on the maintal autobahn (A70) between bamberg and schweinfurt. The land is located opposite the palm paper mill. The entire land has been adapted for the new purposes. Now the conversion is reportedly complete. 27,000 square meters available, of which 10,000 square meters will be used as parking space for the collection of new vehicles. More than half of all vehicles to be delivered to germany will be made available at the eltmann site in 2019. Around 1500 construction vehicles will be transferred to eltmann and handed over to customers, mainly from the czech plant in zebrak near prague. Hartwig therefore expects sales of around 50 million euros at the french site this year.

For a career in bad rodach: “i don’t need a metropolis”

For a career in bad rodach:

Thomas hartleb, he says with a smile, is part of the "living inventory" of the valeo plant. Because he was already there when hardly anyone at valeo knew where bad rodach was located at all. At that time, in the 80s and 90s, the plant still belonged to siemens. But hartleb was already developing air conditioning systems back then. Today, in the 20. Born in neida, he is responsible for the worldwide development of control elements with a competence center in bad rodach.

Studying in coburg, in the "siemens family on his way up the career ladder, then taken over by valeo with his eight-man development team. Thomas hartleb, now head of the technical product line for control elements, has experienced a lot with and at valeo.

Analysts distrust apple: share briefly falls below 400 dollars

analysts distrust apple: share briefly falls below 400 dollars

Since the record high of 705.07 dollars in september last year, the value of the share has fallen by more than 40 percent.

Negative comments from analysts are the reason for the recent drop in the share price. So wrote the US investment bank jefferies in a study, retailer and mobile operator saben on a twice as high stock of iphones as normal. This indicates that apple is selling fewer cell phones than expected. As a result, jefferies lowered its price target from 420 to 405 dollars.

Parking on the coburg castle square?

The first decision of the administrative senate on monday was more a matter of form: the decision to transfer the coburg flea market to an organizer has proved to be the right one. "The city was cleaner on sunday evening than without the flea market", quoted head of the public order department kai holland a feedback. Both in terms of organization and cleanliness, the organizer had met all expectations (and specifications). Therefore, the contract with the organizer was extended without discussion until the year 2022. In addition, it was decided that on the sunday of the flea market, the castle square can still be used as a sales area.

Actually, the flea market already starts on saturday evening, but there are vendors who only arrive on sunday morning, holland answered the corresponding question of angela platsch (grune). By using the castle square only on sundays, there is also no problem with the state theater. Because its visitors could park here during the performances. The flea market always takes place on the weekend after the whitsun vacations. The next date is therefore 29./30. June 2019. On 30. June the theater plays in the courtyard of the ehrenburg in the evening.

Police discover marijuana tent and pistol – investigation against brother near schweinfurt

police discover marijuana tent and pistol - investigation against brother near schweinfurt

Officers of the schweinfurt police department seized large quantities of narcotics in the apartment of two of his brothers on thursday afternoon during the execution of a detention order. The schweinfurt police are now investigating the two suspects on suspicion of trafficking.

Due to an unpaid fine, a warrant for the arrest of a 25-year-old man from the district of schweinfurt was issued. However, the officers were only able to find the brother of the wanted man, who was four years younger, in the apartment in question. They also immediately became aware of a small marijuana plantation operating in a tent in a living room.