Turtles mistake smell of plastic for food

Turtles mistake smell of plastic for food

Plastic gauze in the sea could attract turtles because of its smell, according to a study.

A team led by joseph pfaller of the university of florida in gainesville reports in the journal "current biology" that sea turtles react to the smell of plastic on which microorganisms and other creatures have accumulated in the same way as they do to fragrances in food. "This suggests that turtles are attracted not only to the look but also to the smell of plastic gauze," pfaller is quoted as saying in a news release.

“Bohemian shepherd’s mass” in lonnerstadt and hochstadt

It is difficult to decide which is more beautiful, more impressive, more heart-warming: when fife and clarinets delicately unite to bury the child in the manger, or when the instruments drop into tutti in praise of god. Rude and full of devotion is both.

The listeners in the lonnerstadt saint oswald church were treated to a very special musical experience on sunday morning. Gunter M. Weinkauf, musician from lonnerstadt, chairman of the hochstadt town band and choir director, performed the "bohmische hirtenmesse" with the lonnerstadt singing club and the accompaniment of the town band by jakub jan ryba (1765-1815) on. A mighty work and the most famous composition by the bohemian contemporary of mozart, who also composed many oratorios, symphonies, sacred songs, and other works.

Hanne dittmar helps set up tourism training abroad

"Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself", says hanne dittmar and laughs. The hotel specialist, a master craftswoman in the hospitality industry and lecturer at the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK), has been traveling the world from aschach for decades, teaching professional practice in namibia, tanzania and egypt, in jamaica, china, tibet, bulgaria, turkey, serbia, zanzibar, ukraine and lebanon. In april, she will be working in ukraine again for a few weeks, on behalf of the GIZ, the german society for international cooperation.

"The german vocational training system is appreciated all over the world", says dittmar. The international demand for german trainers, also in the hotel and restaurant sector, is growing steadily. "More and more countries want to profit from tourism." This presupposes a professionalism in the service to the guests. "It's my job to set up these service structures in many countries first. In some countries, I often have to work with minimal resources at the beginning, says the 59-year-old. To start a practice-oriented education when you have even less than the bare essentials, let alone no money, is a rough challenge, he says.

Denise herrmann redeems german biathletes with silver coup

Denise herrmann redeems german biathletes with silver coup

After her silver coup, denise herrmann's first reward was a heartfelt kiss from her boyfriend before she beamed at the award ceremony as if freed of a hundredweight burden.

"I'm overjoyed with silver," herrmann said after winning the first medal for the german team at the biathlon world championships in antholz, italy, giving her the liberation she had longed for. She missed out on defending her title with a "tight-ass" mistake on the last shot, but that didn't matter to her: silver won instead of gold lost was the motto.

Countrywomen in the forchheim district: valuing agriculture and local foodstuffs

countrywomen in the forchheim district: valuing agriculture and local foodstuffs

In 1945, the bavarian farmers’ association (BBV) was founded, and in 1948, the BBV established the organization of rural women. A lot has changed since then, and that was the focus of a festive evening celebrating the 70th anniversary of the forchheim district group in the romantic hall of thurn castle.

The organization began at the regional level, as district farmer rosi kraus reported in her review, with employees of the agricultural office, which was looking for women farmers and therefore convened a meeting in hetzles. Hildegard wolfel from grobenbuch was installed there as a district farmer. 40 to 50 honorary local farmers were found in a short time.

Bavaria succeeds in making “comeback of the year

Bavaria succeeds in making 'comeback of the year

The god of soccer was with the bavarians at wembley, but not the god of weather on their return home to munich: in heavy rain and wind, the muden champions league heroes, led by coach jupp heynckes and captain philipp lahm, brought the cup back “hoam” after twelve years.

19 hours after the 2-1 triumph in the thrilling wembley final against borussia dortmund and a long night of partying, europe’s fubball contenders landed slightly late at 17.30 o’clock with an airbus A380 on the munich airport. On the gangway, the breezily dressed players, many of whom wore dark t-shirts with the slogan “mia san champions”, braved the muddy weather for a few pictures. Then they quickly rushed into the team bus.

Pastor johnke leaves affalterthal

The farewell of local pastor hans-jurgen johnke was full of emotions. One sensed that the church congregation was very reluctant to see its leader leave.

In the semicircle the believers of the church community affalterthal bieberbach on the meadow around the wooden cross and the altar saben. Under the direction of igensdorf state trombone warden sven menhorn, the local trombone choir played. He was supported by the blasers from the deanery of grafenberg. They all played pieces that johnke had chosen and that were intended to underline the farewell character of the service. Vicar michael maul contributed to the service with prayers and readings.

“Youth flame” was rounded

Who last saturday the amusement park "castle thurn" the young people who visited the first stage of the first aid course met not only cowboys and dinolinos, but also many young people in blue and orange protective suits. The reason for this was the acceptance of the "jugendflamme", in which a total of 186 youth firefighters from various fire departments of the district of forchheim took part. The performance badge is awarded every two years, and this year was the eighth time it was held at the amusement park.

Emergency call, knot, ladder

The participants had to demonstrate their firefighting skills and knowledge at more than ten stations spread throughout the park. In the first stage, for example, an emergency call had to be made correctly, various knots had to be tied and a hydrant sign had to be explained. In order to pass the second stage of the test, the young people had to complete a firefighting obstacle course, carry a jet pipe and explain the purpose of the given guesses. At the highest level of the badge, various first aid scenarios had to be worked through and a stepladder had to be carried out.

Paul’s death and the question of why

Paul's death and the question of why

It is now more than three months since a tragedy occurred in ludwigschorgast: it was the 20. July, the day little paul escaped from the daycare center and drowned in a water catchment basin on a neighbor’s property. The two-year-old’s death has shaken people in the region. A question on everyone’s mind: how did this happen??

"It is an oppressive feeling"

The teachers who looked after paul’s group and were on sick leave after the accident are back on duty, and the children who left their parents at home after the tragic incident have also returned to the daycare center after the summer vacations. Those who believe that everyday life has returned are wrong, because the question of why still torments not only the relatives of the deceased boy, but also many parents. Is someone partly responsible for the accident? Can anyone be held accountable? There are still no answers to this question, and many people can’t understand them. "We’re wondering when we’re finally going to hear about what the police investigation has turned up", says a mother who, like everyone who comes to the daycare center, is confronted with the tragedy every day. Candles, flowers, stuffed animals and little angels can still be seen outside the entrance to the daycare center, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the murder. July. "It is still an oppressive feeling", stresses the mother in an interview with our newspaper. She hopes that soon there will be certainty and that it will be clear why little paul had to die.

Klopp combative before bayern game despite defensive emergency

Klopp combative before bayern game despite defensive emergency

Despite the injury plight, borussia dortmund is not complaining and is fighting fit ahead of the bundesliga summit meeting with bayern munchen.

Although the defensive emergency has taken on threatening proportions with the additional absences of mats hummels and marcel schmelzer, coach jurgen klopp appeared to have recovered somewhat from the initial shock two days before saturday’s showdown at signal iduna park against the league leaders.