Parking on the coburg castle square?

The first decision of the administrative senate on monday was more a matter of form: the decision to transfer the coburg flea market to an organizer has proved to be the right one. "The city was cleaner on sunday evening than without the flea market", quoted head of the public order department kai holland a feedback. Both in terms of organization and cleanliness, the organizer had met all expectations (and specifications). Therefore, the contract with the organizer was extended without discussion until the year 2022. In addition, it was decided that on the sunday of the flea market, the castle square can still be used as a sales area.

Actually, the flea market already starts on saturday evening, but there are vendors who only arrive on sunday morning, holland answered the corresponding question of angela platsch (grune). By using the castle square only on sundays, there is also no problem with the state theater. Because its visitors could park here during the performances. The flea market always takes place on the weekend after the whitsun vacations. The next date is therefore 29./30. June 2019. On 30. June the theater plays in the courtyard of the ehrenburg in the evening.

On the three sundays when the market is open, visitors to the city center should also be allowed to park on the schlossplatz. This is what the CSU/JC faction had requested, and this is also what the administrative senate approved by five votes to three. However, there were some restrictions. So the oberburgermeister should order parking in each case and also decide until when that will be possible. Fritz fromming, commercial manager of the state theater, pointed out that parking for customers must end two hours before the theater performance – because then the schlossplatz is only free for theatergoers.

"How to differentiate", asked jurgen heeb (pro coburg). Hubertus prince of saxony-coburg and gotha (CSU/JC) urged people to simply try out the regulation. Therefore, there is a trial period until 2020.

Franziska bartl, andreas gehring (both SPD) and angela platsch (grune) didn’t even want to approve that: if the palace square was open for parking on open sundays, that would hardly attract additional visitors to coburg, franziska bartl argued: "the city is already full on these sundays!" The only thing that will increase is the traffic congestion from the upper facility to the burglab, because of the parking search traffic. Because the schlossplatz is not covered by the parking guidance system, anyone who wants to park there will have to take a lucky drive.

It would be better to offer a shuttle service to the city center, said bartl, meeting with the approval of angela platsch and jurgen heeb. "We have to think about alternatives. We can’t get the traffic out via bans", said heeb.

The decision to open the palace square on sundays when the market is open for business also includes the requirement that a security service must regulate parking. The city management, which organizes the open sundays, had to pay for this.

In addition, the question arises to what extent parking is practically possible: on the next open sunday (7. October) the palace square is through the tent for "oktopafest blocked. On 4. November ("gans offen") and on 7. April 2019 (brunnenmarkt) the "zauberflote" will be performed at the landestheater played – once at 6 p.M. And once at 3 p.M.30 o’clock. So the parking time for theater-goers starts on 4. November at 4 p.M. And on 7. April at 13.30 o’clock. The shops are allowed to be open from 1 to 6 p.M.

Because the parking time for theater visitors should be extended. You should be allowed to drive to the castle square two hours before the performance begins, so that you can go shopping or have a bite to eat. This is valid for three months. The rehearsal period requested fritz fromming from the landestheater. Because it is not yet clear whether the traffic cadets, who regulate the traffic at 170 performances, can start half an hour earlier. Here the administrative senate agreed again with courage.

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