Planning after the wedding: tips for those wanting to get married to save money

planning after the wedding: tips for those wanting to get married to save money

There's a lot to organize when two people want to get married: months in advance, they look for the right venue, the best wedding dress and the most unusual wedding car.
This year again, more than 380 customers are expected to visit the site.000 couples nationwide give their vows. Planning for the day after that, on the other hand, was often postponed or forgotten, says bianca boss, spokeswoman for the bund der versicherten (bdv) (association of insured persons). This could save a lot of money.

1. Tax advantage
Getting married is also worthwhile because of the tax office, if one of the spouses earns more than the other. If the incomes are roughly the same, the tax advantage tends toward zero. The reason for this is spousal splitting, which also applies to registered partners. The couple's income is put into a pot and divided equally between the two of them. As a result, the higher earner slips less into the tax progression, i.E. Into the disproportionately increasing tax burden for higher incomes. If married couples are assessed together, losses and income may be offset. This is possible if one has a fixed salary as an employee and the other often has a bad income as a self-employed person and therefore has to pay little or no taxes. The minus of the self-employed then lowers the tax burden of the couple.

2. Tax classes
Working couples have a choice of three options: either a mix of tax classes III and V, if the salaried employees are in different tax brackets. Or IV/IV, if both earn about the same amount. If the better-paid partner earns about 60 percent of the joint income or more, the mix of classes III and V is usually more advisable than IV and IV. As a third option, the combination IV/IV with factor can be chosen. This is a good idea if the partner earns roughly the same amount, as erich noll from the federal association of income tax assistance associations (BDL) explains. Important: an optimal mix of tax classes does not reduce the total tax burden of the couple. But it gives the couple more financial leeway each month and can avoid additional payments.

3. Health insurance
If a partner stops working after the wedding, for example to look after children, his or her membership in the health insurance fund ends. If the partner is a member of the health insurance fund, he or she can be insured with the partner's health insurance fund free of charge. The situation is different if the partner has private insurance. Then free coinsurance is out of the question. The person concerned must either look for private health insurance himself or take out voluntary statutory insurance. This can also cost money. If, for example, the wife no longer has her own income, the health insurance fund takes half of the husband's salary and calculates its contributions on this basis. If both partners have private insurance, nothing changes – the premiums remain constant, even if one of them no longer works.

4. Policies
Married couples must notify their insurers of a change of name. In principle, you should compare your policies beforehand. This can save a lot of money. Many policies, such as legal protection or international health insurance, can be combined without any problems. The federation of insured persons advises you to cancel the younger contract or the one with the lower insurance cover and then include your partner in the existing policy. If both have private liability, insurers usually accept marriage as grounds for cancellation. The same can apply to household insurance. The couple can always opt for a combination if the premium becomes more expensive after moving to a different tariff zone, according to the bdv. Wedding and relocation can also have an impact on car policies.

5. Notice of termination
If one of the partners moves into the other's apartment, he or she can be added to the rental agreement after the fact. If you move in with your new spouse, you do not have a special right of termination in your previous apartment due to marriage. He must take into account the deadlines established, which means: inform the landlord in time and make the necessary inquiries in order to avoid double rent payments. Rental law experts recommend that both spouses sign the contract for the new shared apartment. If there is only one person in the rental contract, he could punish the other one at any time, if he suddenly didn't want to share table and bed with him anymore. Also important: if a couple rents together, they are both obligated to pay, even if one moves out when they separate. 

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