Rescue helicopter landed at the aischwiesen fairgrounds

Rescue helicopter landed at the aischwiesen fairgrounds

A veritable concert of martinshorn sounds startled the residents of hochstadt’s city center on thursday evening. The cause was the blocked gate to the old TSV sports ground on treibweg.

What happened? Originally drew the assignment the serious hand injury of a man, who was caught in a wood splitter. The seriously injured man was initially taken to the hospital in hochstadt. The doctors there decided to transfer him immediately to the hand surgery unit at the university hospital in wurzburg. The rescue helicopter was alerted because it had to be done as quickly as possible.

In order to be able to land safely in the dark, the local fire departments help the helicopter pilots and illuminate a landing site. This can then be seen safely from above and can be approached safely by the pilot. On thursday evening, the helicopter was supposed to land on the fubball pitch at kellerberg. That’s where they were ordered to go, reported hochstadt’s fire department commander wolfgang glotz.

As residents observed, several emergency vehicles quickly arrived on the access road to the sports field, but could not get any further. At the rough metal gate at the 400-meter track was the end of the line – the gate was locked.
Because it was urgent and the helicopter was already approaching, the landing was rescheduled and moved to the festival grounds in the aischwiesen. For the crews of the fire engines this meant relocation. Again with blue light and martinshorn the helicopter went to the field. There the seriously injured was quickly loaded and could be flown to wurzburg.

For the illumination of a provisional helicopter landing pad, the fire departments have very specific requirements. "Only vehicle lighting may be used for this purpose", says commander glotz. With extra headlights or light giraffes the pilot could be blinded. Vehicles must light the landing area from three corners, plus a fourth vehicle with its blue light on. This scene points the way for the pilot of the rescue helicopter.

Hochstadt’s fire department commander wants to specify only the main square as a landing site for helicopter operations at night in the future. It could be well approached and illuminated. The helicopter crew in nurnberg explained that the aisch meadows are considered the standard nighttime landing site in hochstadt anyway.

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