Revolver with new program in unterpreppach

Revolver with new program in unterpreppach

And also for their fans "revolver reloaded" was the motto in the night from easter sunday to monday in the tanzcenter kaiser. And the blood pressure rose dangerously in many an oldie as the cult band climbed the stage.

The revolver heroes had fired up: a new lineup and a new repertoire provided a broadside on the eardrums. The core quartet was joined by a wind section that not only enriches the sound, but also represents a change of direction. Less rock classics, more jazz and funk.

No party music
That was for some revolver-followers, who travel to each of the (few) gigs in a year, at times habit-forming. Because what was offered was not party music, but sophisticated rock that doesn't immediately cuddle up in every hallway. Musical masturbation on the stage, which also appeals to outsiders.

Unmistakably the keyboarder friedel amon from rottenbach near erlangen now pulls the strings and registers in the band and without a doubt joe zawinul (the keyboarder of the jazzrock band "wheather report" who died in 2007) is one of his idols.

No wonder that the gig started with a "weather report" begins and grows into a thunderous storm, which is especially due to the bass drum of oldtimer evert fraterman from ansbach, which he works on with both hands.
The new singer rainer braun stood out not only because of his lyrics and his rock pipes, but also because of his narcissistic behavior, which does not fit at all to his comrades-in-arms, who are concentrating on their playing skills with restraint. So casar gerhard on saxophone, who must have apprenticed with branford marsalis.

And the virtuosity covers a wide field: so with "fields of gold" by sting "25 or 6 to 4" from chicago or "higher love by steve winwood. No problem for insiders, but for some dancers it is: they know the melodies, but have never heard of the interpreter: "who is the sledgehammer from??", someone asked in ecstasy: "by peter gabriel" he got the answer, as well as "digging in the dirt".

This time we've gone to far? This question from gabriel's criticism of genetic experiments did not apply to organizer stefan kaiser: "after last year's success with revolver, we really wanted a new edition, which didn't seem so easy in the meantime, because there were some problems due to the personnel reshuffle."

Real premiere
But now the people of unterpreppach even had the pleasure of a premiere evening. Only two more revolver gigs are scheduled so far this year. Stefan kaiser was "glad to have a different audience again" to his U-night: "that makes for variety." Because: "actually, the live cover track of yesteryear is dead." But "revolver" appeals to a certain target group that no longer goes every week, but still likes to come at easter. "Fans and musicians go back to the roots."

Otherwise kaiser focuses more on dj-nights. But the record player in the next room didn't have a chance on sunday: "we don't want to hear those electro beats", demanded sanger rainer braun and evert fraterman banged his drums to "urgent" foreigners to tune.

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