Search for bonn bomber also in right-wing scene

Search for Bonn bomber also in right-wing scene

She therefore called in the new defense center against right-wing extremism. But a non-political motive is also conceivable. Officially, the investigators have so far assumed that a terrorist organization of radical islamist persuasion attempted to carry out an attack.

The "suddeutsche zeitung" (saturday) had also reported that the perpetrators could also have a right-wing extremist background or come from the criminal milieu.

Suspicions against two bonn islamists had not been substantiated, writes the "spiegel" newspaper. A witness who initially claimed to have seen one of them at the main train station in bonn is no longer sure, he said. Found DNA traces do not love to be assigned to a person. The "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung" (FAS) also reports that the tracks into the bonn islamist scene had not led any further. The federal prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on the reports.

The bomb was on 10. December in a blue sports bag left on a platform of the bonn main station, but not exploded. According to the "FAS", contrary to previous estimates, the explosive device had no tinder. "The bomb was not detonatable because a tinder was missing," the paper quotes a senior security official as saying. Previously, it had been said that the tinder had probably been set off, but had not exploded because of a construction error.

According to a report in the daily newspaper "die welt" (saturday), investigators found a hair in the travel bag containing the explosive device – presumably from the bomber. It came from a light-skinned european or north american. Whether DNA analysis is possible is therefore unclear. The federal prosecutor’s office is looking, among other things, for a bearded man who can be seen carrying such a bag on the video recording of a surveillance camera of a fast food restaurant at the main train station. On a wanted poster, the man is described as european. In addition, the search is on for a dark-skinned man who was last believed to be in possession of the bag.

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