Sebastian apfelbacher elected head of department

Sebastian apfelbacher elected head of department

At the annual general meeting of the running team department of the kitzingen gymnastics club of 1848, an era came to an end: after 14 years as head of the department, georg will and after ten years as his deputy, hartmut gleb no longer stood for election, according to a statement from the running team.

Before the members elected their new leadership, will and gleb gave a review of the sporting successes and events of the past year with numerous highlights: from the bahnneroffnung in april in the sickergrund stadium to the lebkuchenlauf on the second sunday in november with a jubilee record of 712 participants. It took place for the 20th time last year. Time. The running team also participated for the seventh time in the "run 10" mass sports event and trained with 37 participants. Treasurer carmen rudinger reported on the healthy finances of the department.

As the last official act, will and gleb carried out this year’s honors. Ute wurfel was honored as sportswoman of the year and received sustained applause. In recognition of her athletic achievements, including a 24-kilometer mountain run in the carpathians, for which she had traveled 1400 kilometers to transylvania, the department presented her with a challenge cup. Wolfgang bauer was honored by gleb for his special services to the department with the golden badge of merit.

Before association chairman stephan christmann called on the members to vote, he praised the work of the outgoing department heads: "it was always excellent working with you, we will miss you on the executive board."He singled out the running team with its 167 members for its numerous activities as a "signboard for the entire gymnastics community". He also drummed up support for the upcoming elections in the association as a whole.

The new department management was unanimously elected by the 60 members present. Sebastian apfelbacher was appointed head of department, a deputy head did not stand for election this time. Gerhard gassner remains in charge of the administration of the department, carmen rudlinger is in charge of the finances and barbara kolb is still in charge of the sports management.

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