Short-time work will not be absent

Short-time work will not be absent

An increase in unemployment at this time of year is essentially seasonal in nature. In connection with this, there is also the fact that in no other region of the schweinfurt labor market district has unemployment risen as sharply as in the district of bad kissingen (by an average of 0.2 percent in the region, but by 0.4 percent in bad kissingen). Because many newly registered unemployed people come from the hotel and restaurant sector, but also from the construction industry and other blue-collar professions. Many of them have already been promised reemployment in the spring.

Long spared
"Until the end of 2012, the labor market in the region was spared any major burdens from the weakening economy", analyzes klaus seebach, deputy head of the agency for
work schweinfurt, the latest figures for the entire labor market district comprising the counties of bad kissingen, rhon-grabfeld, habberge, and the city and county of schweinfurt. The unemployment rate is still lower than during the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009.

Especially in production
he is much more concerned about the fact that the number of jobs is continuously decreasing and that there are significantly fewer new jobs. In december, only 528 new job offers were received by the schweinfurt employment agency."In december 2011, we recorded 787 new job offers. That's a drop of around one third!"

Klaus seebach sees this as an indication of the declining demand for labor in 2013, the year that has just begun. In addition, he fears that in the coming months we will have to reckon with a number of unemployment reports from temporary workers in the production sector.

More and more requests
"This development also corresponds with the increased inquiries about the prerequisites for the payment of short-time allowances. Companies that work short hours or are in the run-up to short hours do not have any additional personnel requirements", explains klaus seebach. The decline in new job offers was most pronounced in the production and manufacturing areas.

It must be assumed that in the current year the declining volume of orders, particularly in production, will increasingly be offset by the introduction of short-time work as soon as company-internal reductions such as.B. The reduction of working time credits are exhausted.At present, 36 companies from the entire area of responsibility have applied for short-time work at the employment agency in schweinfurt. A total of 2177 workers were affected.

Experience showed that about two-thirds of the workers were then actually allowed to work short time. Should, however, as partly announced in the media, increased also coarse enterprises in coarse extent short-time work imported, this number could soon in the high rapid.

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