Test track: what the strabe between theisenort and beikheim has to do with bulletproof vests

It can be found in protective helmets and bulletproof vests, among other things. But there have long been other applications for the plastic composite aramid – for example, in trench construction. To make the roadway more durable, aramid fibers are to be added to the asphalt during the rehabilitation work on state highway 2200 between theisenort and beikheim. However, only on the half of the nearly 3.2 kilometer. Because this construction method has not yet been officially approved.

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but because there was a commitment from the responsible ministry, the strabe will become one of three test routes across bavaria. The rehabilitation became necessary because numerous potholes and cracks had developed due to heavy traffic. So the authorities even reduced the speed limit from 100 to 70 kilometers per hour. Due to construction, the road is expected to be closed until 7. September completely suspended. The total cost is 1.05 million euros and is financed from the bavarian state budget.

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