Trump puts deadly police violence against blacks in perspective

Trump puts deadly police violence against blacks in perspective

Barely two months after the death of african-american george floyd in a brutal arrest, U.S. President donald trump has put the problem of police violence against blacks into perspective.

Floyd’s death was "horrible," but "more women" have been killed by police in the U.S. Than blacks, trump said tuesday in an interview with CBS. To the journalist’s question about why african americans were still being killed by police officers in the U.S., trump said, "what a terrible question."

Trump has condemned floyd’s death as an isolated incident. However, he was accused of not taking a clear position against systematic racism and police violence in the USA, despite the nationwide protests. Trump focused mainly on criticizing violence on the fringes of largely peaceful demonstrations.

There are no official nationwide statistics on police killings in the U.S. In absolute numbers, women are actually the largest group of victims, as an analysis by the "washington post" has shown. The likelihood of black minorities becoming victims of the police, however, is much greater.

Since 2015, police officers in the U.S. Have shot and killed about 5400 people, most of whom were armed, according to the washington post. Of these, 45 percent were women of color, although women make up about 60 percent of the U.S. Population. 23 percent of those killed by police were black, who make up only 13 percent of the total population.

Moreover, the statistics on gun deaths only give an insight into the actions of the police: in floyd’s case, for example, no shots were fired at all. Government studies also show that police officers are more likely to use violence against black people.

The unarmed floyd (46) was shot on 25. May killed during an arrest in minneapolis, minnesota. A female officer pressed his knee on floyd’s neck for minutes as he pleaded to let him breathe. Floyd lost consciousness and died on the scene, according to the autopsy. His death led to mass protests across the country against police violence and racism.

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